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A. E. Saxby (1873-1960)

Born and raised in Southfleet, Kent, England, Albert E. Saxby entered the ministry early, pastoring for a short while in South Africa before pastoring a Baptist church in Harringay, North London.

Saxby was a man of congenial nature, pleasant and joyful his whole life. He was also a man with a passion for what the Scriptures taught, and had a deep love for people. His diligent studies of the Word of God would lead him on a lifetime of adventure and transition.

Early in his ministry he left the Baptist church and pursued Pentecostal teachings. He was one of the early founders of this movement, establishing the historic meeting in Derby Hall in London.

His reputation and demand as a prominent Bible teacher grew. He hosted the famous London Whitsuntide Conventions at Kingsway Hall, and was a regular teacher at conventions in Swanwick, Bedford, Belfast, Croydon and Hull, along with other early pioneers of the Pentecostal movement.

Saxby’s denominational success would, however, be cut short, as his studies would eventually lead him to embrace what he called “Ultimate Reconciliation.” He would suffer much for the cause of proclaiming the glorious good news of Christ for every man – removing him far from the Pentecostal scene. He did, however, use his widely circulated periodical, Things New and Old, which he began in 1921, to systematically expound the scriptural nature of “Ultimate Reconciliation.”

God in Creation, Redemption, Judgment and Consummation & What is Ultimate Reconciliation?  (#1750) by A. E. Saxby (1873-1960). A classic work. 88pp PB $10.95
God’s Ultimate (#1223) by A. E. Saxby (1873-1960). (fc) Paperback. 222 pages. $19.95
The Second Death: An Enquiry into its Meaning and Operation (#1582) A. E. Saxby (1873-1960) (fc) Paperback. 34 pages. $3.95

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