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George L. Rogers


The First Dispensation (#1869) by George L. Rogers (1869-1947). Paperback. 38 pages. $3.95
Grace Tabernacle Studies (#1094). This booklet contains two articles written two former teachers at the Grace Tabernacle, Almont, MI. (1) George L. Rogers’ study is entitled, Race-wide Condemnation and Vivification and (2) E. Lynwood Crystal’s article, Correctly Partitioning the Word of Truth. Paperback. 32 pages. $3.95
The Promises to the Fathers (#2047) by George L. Rogers (1869-1947). Paperback. 34 pages. $3.95
Short Works of George L. Rogers (#5405) Chapter 1 - The Glories of Grace; Chapter 2 - What is Grace?; Chapter 3 - The Consolation; Chapter 4 - Regeneration or Repentance; Chapter 5 - Teach Us to Pray; Chapter 6 - Race-Wide Condemnation and Vivification. Facsimile. 32 Pages. Paperback. $4.95
Studies in Paul's Epistle to the Romans: Volume 1, Chapters 1-8 (#1032) by George L. Rogers (1869-1947). “This book is an exhaustive study of the first eight chapters of Romans, including pertinent questions at the end of each chapter, which serve to help the student evaluate his reading.” - Ernest Knoch. Paperback. 654 pages. $24.95
Studies in Paul’s Epistle to the Romans: Volume 2 (#2152) by George L. Rogers (1869-1947). After 80 years, the long awaited volume two is now in print. Sadly, this second and last volume only covers Romans 9:1 – 10:13. Although Brother Roger lived another decade after completing volume one, his health never permitted him to finish the series past the contents of this second installment. Paperback. 120 Pages. (fc) $11.95 

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