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Fredrik Homer Robison





Early in his life Robison became attracted to the writings of Pastor Charles Russell, whom he would later serve as his private secretary at the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society in Allegheny, PA. While there he pursued the study of languages and could translate 23 in all. He made weekend teaching pilgrimages in and about New York City.

Russell gave him a copy of Dr. E.W. Bullinger’s Commentary on the Revelation to read and report back to him concerning the book. After reading, he replied, “Dr. Bullinger seems to think that the book of Revelation is for the Jew.” Russell replied, “He may be right.”

When the Concordant Version was first issued it came to the attention of the Watch Tower. Robison was delegated to call on A.E. Knoch in Los Angeles, with a view to placing it on the Society’s list of literature. While there he was given a copy of Bullinger’s The Chief Musician. Robison, not at all sectarian, became much more interested in Bullinger’s writings, echoes of which appeared in his Watch Tower articles. As his studies progressed his position became precarious, leading him to sever relations with the International Bible Students Association.

Robison, one of four designated in Russell’s will to be co-editors of the Watch Tower, held this position until he resigned in 1922. Early in his career he was a poster artist in one of the largest lithographing houses in the United States, located in Cleveland, OH. He then moved to Washington, DC to accept work as a commercial artist with the Washington Post. Afterwards he became art director for the American Automobile Association in Washington, DC.

In response to many inquiries as to why he left the Watch Tower, he published Are Bride and Body Identical? which had wide circulation. During the latter part of his life’s ministry his articles appeared in Unsearchable Riches magazine, he conducted an independent Bible study class in Washington, DC, and served on the faculty of the Columbia Bible Training School conducting studies in the life and epistles of Saint Paul.

Are Bride and Body Identical? (#2039) by F. H. (Fredrik Homer) Robison (1885-1932). That there is a “Bride” mentioned in Scripture, and also a “Body,” probably no Bible student, or even Bible reader, would deny. As to whether these different terms refer to the same or to distinct classes of believers is the subject of this work. Facsimile. Paperback, 128 Pages. $11.95
Paul’s Early Epistles (#0024) by F. H. Robison (1885-1932). An important dispensational look at the place of Paul’s early epistles in the plan of God. This is taken from the pages of Robison’s classic work Are Bride and Body Identical? 36 pages. Paperback. $3.95
Some Writings of F. H. Robison (#1148) by Fredri Homer Robison (1885-1932). Robison, also the author of the work Are the Bride and the Body Identical?”, was a faithful associate of A. E. Knoch and George Rogers. (fc) Paperback, 130 Pages. $12.95

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