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Martin Zender


Beyond Politics: What To Do While We're Here (#4897) by Martin Zender. The cry of popular Christianity today is to take the reins of government and turn the United States into a God-fearing nation. But is such a political feat—were it even possible—the responsibility of flawed humans? Isn't Jesus Christ returning to fix the Earth and its inhabitants, rather than congratulate it on a job well done? If you've wondered why you've generally felt worse rather than better after watching world and national news, here's your answer. 160 pages. Paperback. $9.95

Clanging Gong News: The Complete Issues Collector's Edition (#4028) Martin Zender. This beautiful compilation of the original Clanging Gong News also contains a detailed Table of Contents, Topic Index, and Scripture Index. 280 Full-color pages HB $44.95

Divine Principles of Sexual Attraction: How Women Are Like God and Why Men Want To Worship Them (#4859) by Martin Zender. In this work, the author asks the question: Why is there sex in the first place? From the genesis of eroticism in Eden to your bedroom, Divine Principles of Sexual Attraction demystifies the behaviors of both sexes, at the same time making both men and women content with who God made them. 170 pages. Paperback. $12.95

Eve Raised: Why Women Think the Apostle Paul Doesn't Like Them (#4873) by Martin Zender. Some verses in Paul's letters mislead women into thinking that God considers them to be inferior beings—passages such as, "I do not allow a woman to teach," "A woman must not speak in the ecclesia," "Man came before woman," and so forth. The author turns orthodoxy on its head, demonstrating that, not only do these verses not disparage women, they actually show woman to be a superior creation worthy of protection. 132 pages. Paperback. $9.95

First Idiot in Heaven, The: Secrets of the Apostle Paul (and Why the Meek Merely Inherit the Earth) (#3250) by Martin Zender. Paul was a visionary. He saw the world as no one else saw it. Jesus Christ blinded him with truth. “To live is Christ,” this man said, and he lived life with singular purpose: to see and know Christ. In Paul’s evangel, God justifies sinners, not law-keepers or moral performers. According to what the terrestrial-bound Jesus taught (the gospel of the Circumcision), law-keepers and moral performers stay on Earth (“the meek shall inherit the Earth” – Matthew 5:5). So the Christians who think that imitating Jesus will get them to heaven will instead (assuming they can actually imitate Jesus) wind up on Earth. If you want to stay on Earth, wrestle with law. If you want to go to heaven, give up on yourself and embrace the gospel for sinners and idiots. -- 352 page, PB, $18.95

Flawed By Design (#6273) by Martin Zender. Think your sins are ruining God's plan for your life? Think again. 75pp. PB $10.95

How to Be Free From Sin While Smoking a Cigarette: The book for people with weaknesses (#3810) by Martin Zender. This book is written for those who know what they’re supposed to do but sometimes don’t do it. It’s written for those who think that their own particular weakness keeps God from completely liking them. It’s written for those who just can’t shake a bad habit. This book is written for the wretched souls who totter between their passion life and their desire for God, not realizing that in order to have a desire for God they must also be dogged by at least one detestable/wonderful passion that keeps them humble and needing Him. PB 102pp $10.95

How to Quit Church Without Quitting God: Why Going to Church Today is Unbiblical, Un-Christlike, and Spiritually Risky (#4835) Martin Zender. With childlilke boldness and profound logic, Martin Zender exposes the spiritual bankruptcy of the religious institution. Zender's mastery of satire separates him from the pious; his Scriptural expertise launches him as the primary spokesman for those who desire God, but don't trust the establishments that boast His name. REVISED Edition 229 pp. PB $16.95

Martin Zender Goes To Hell (#6494) by Martin Zender. The author embarks on a point-by-point refutation of the doctrine of eternal torment. In simple words he tackles all the critical topics: Jesus’ threats to the Israelites, the parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus, the lake of fire, the Greek words translated "hell," the Greek word commonly translated "eternal." PB 78 pages $10.95

Martin Zender’s Guide to Intelligent Prayer: "Do Prayer Circles Work Better Than Prayer Squares?" (#6512) by Martin Zender. Expanded Edition. If prayer changed things we’d all be in trouble. Imagine eight-billion people storming heaven simultaneously. After reading this book you may never pray the same way again! PB 80 pages. $10.95

Part-Time Sinner (#0039) by Martin Zender. Eighteen tracks that will set you free. 64 min. CD Out-Of-Print

Really Bad Thing About Free Will, The (#2250) by Martin Zender. A critical look at willpower doctrine. PB 80 pages, plus 20 illustrations. $10.95


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