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Joseph E. Kirk (1903-1974)

Kirk was an associate of A.E. Knoch, contributor to the Unsearchable Riches magazine, and assistant on the Concordant Version. Born in Altoona, PA, as were his parents and grandparents, his father (Wilford) was the minister of the Altoona Christian Missionary Alliance church. When he was 7 his father took a church in Washington State. Joseph grew up with a passion for Godís Word. He had an extensive teaching and evangelistic ministry that spanned nearly 50 years in such places as Seattle, Oakland, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Chino, and Montclair. For decades he hosted radio ministries The Saviour of All and Bible Exposition over KMTR in Hollywood, CA; KLIX, Twin Falls, ID; and WJSM in Martinsburg, PA. He also produced a 6-month series of radio lessons that aired in other localities. He founded the Saviour of All Fellowship, was director of Scripture Studies Concern, as well as an able conference speaker. He died in Ontario, CA, at the age of 70.


Death, Resurrection, Immortality (#2052) by Joseph E. Kirk. This work deals with the problem of death and Godís solution of resurrection and immortality through the work of the Lord Jesus Christ. The widely accepted teaching of the immortality of the soul, which makes resurrection unnecessary and detracts from the value of our Lordís sacrifice, is shown to be unscriptural. 111 page PB $8.95

Reconciliation: A Research Magazine 1942-1943 (#1056) Editors: Joseph E. Kirk & Howard N. Bunce. Paperback. 84 pages. $9.95

The Saviour of All Mankind (#3053) Compilation: Joseph E. Kirk, contributing. This treatise is comprised of a series of seven articles dealing with human destiny and the purpose of the eons. The topics discussed include: how ďthe manyĒ shall be constituted just; Godís purpose in creation; God, Who wills that all mankind be saved; the completeness of salvation; the final goal of Godís love; the evangel and its ultimate consequences; and the definitive meaning of the Greek word aion. Booklet. 48 Page. $3.95

The Tracts of Joseph E. Kirk (#1599) Joseph E. Kirk. Kirk was gifted at condensing Scripture truths into short understandable presentations. This is a collection of his widely circulated tracts. They are great learning tools of truth. (fc) Paperback. 94 pages. $9.95

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