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Stephen Hill

Stephen is an author and educator. He writes articles for his blog, The Word on the Word, and is an editor for the Bible Studentís Notebook. He enjoys making music, traveling ad enjoying the outdoors. A native of Ohio, he currently lives in western PA where he attempts to fulfill his greatest roles as husband and father.

Available Books:


Making the Most of the Bible: Lessons on Understanding God's Word (#1942) by Stephen Hill. Making the Most of the Bible is what you've been waiting for: a practical and simple guide to understanding God's Word. In the short amount of time it takes you to read this book, you will learn lessons that will drastically improve your ability to make sense of your Bible for the rest of your life. Make the most of this book as you discover how to make the most of your Bible! -- 100 page Paperback. $9.95
The Word on the Word: Volume 1 (#1976) by Stephen Hill. This is a collection of articles from the authorís blog. In its pages you will learn of many truths from Godís Word that you will likely not encounter in the traditional church setting. No topic is off-limits, as Stephen Hill addresses a variety of biblical truths - many controversial - which will likely challenge you to reconsider many of your long-held beliefs. Discover what the Bible really teaches about love and suicide, honesty and lying, marriage and parenting, grace and judgment, and much more. May this book be an edifying tool for your spiritual growth! -- Paperback, 150 pages, $9.95


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