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George R. Hawtin
February 27, 1909 Ė June 21, 1994

George R. Hawtin was once widely known in Pentecostal, Latter Rain and British Israelite movements. He was a pastor, teacher, expositor, and editor of the monthly publication, The Page, and the book series, Treasures of Truth.

Creation, Redemption and the Restitution of All Things (#3357) by George R. Hawtin (1909-1994) The truths in this work are of immense importance because they are foundational. Upon their firm footing rests the whole superstructure of Godís plan of the ages. If we cannot see how in the very beginning God created man for the specific purpose of ruling the universe, and to have dominion over all the vast sidereal with its infinite space and multibillion galaxies, then we have missed the heart of Godís intention completely and we become doomed to spend our lives in the idle pettifogging of the Romish and Protestant systems, which give neither reason for manís existence nor cause for his humiliation and death. Even redemption, full and complete as it is and in spite of its infinite cost, will fail to reconcile and save more than one percent of all creation, if the fruitless interpretations of the Babylonish system are to be believed. 120 pages. Facsimile. Paperback. $11.95
The Restitution of All Things (#5175) by George R. Hawtin (1909-1994).This is the last chapter of the authorís larger work Creation, Redemption and the Restitution of All Things printed separately for a more pointed presentation. Facsimile Paperback. 50 Pages. $6.95

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