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J.W. (John Wesley) Hanson


The Bible Hell (#1902) J. W. (John Wesley) Hanson (1823-1901). This work aims to present all the important facts so fully and comprehensively that any reader can obtain in a few pages a birds-eye-view of “The Bible Hell.” The author ventures to hope that anyone who will read candidly, not permitting the bias of an erroneous education to warp his judgment, will not fall to agree with the conclusions of this book, that the doctrine of unending sin and woe finds no support in the Bible teachings concerning “Hell.” 978-1-62904-190-2 Paperback. 76 Pages. $9.95
Bible Proofs of Universal Salvation (#2895) by J. W. (John Wesley) Hanson. This work presents Bible proof of universal salvation containing the principal passages of Scripture that teach the final holiness and happiness of all mankind. The author attempts to present the prominent considerations that are contained in the Bible in support of the final redemption of all souls. 137pp PB $12.95
Bible Threatenings Explained (#1919) J. W. (John Wesley) Hanson (1823-1901). The purpose of this work is to remove from the mind any supposed obstacles that prevent it from beholding God as the Savior of the world. 978-1-62904-191-9 Paperback. 212 Pages. (fc) $19.95
Biography of William Henry Ryder (#3524) by John Wesley Hanson. William Henry Ryder (1822-1888), born in Provincetown, MA, studied at the Pembroke Academy in NH and the Liberal Institute in Clinton, NY. He pastored various Universalist Churches (Concord and Nashua, NH; Roxbury, MA; Chicago, IL). He was an early abolitionist that organized an industrial school for African American children as an agency of his church in Chicago after the Civil War. He received honorary degrees from Harvard (1860) and Lombard University (1863).
“A too truthful axiom declares, ‘Few men are heroes to their valets.’ Most men look larger, their reputations loftier, and they more worthy, seen through the perspective of distance. But there are men who are loved most by those who know them best. Such a man was William Henry Ryder.” – J. W. Hanson
Facsimile. Paperback. 330 Pages. $19.95
A Cloud of Witnesses (#1926) J. W. (John Wesley) Hanson (1823-1901). This work contains passages from distinguished authors concerning the truth of Universal Salvation. 978-1-62904-192-6 Paperback. 324 Pages. (fc) $21.95
A Pocket Cyclopedia: Brief Explanations of Religious Terms as Understood by Universalists (#1407) J.W. (John Wesley) Hanson (1823-1901). This book aims to furnish inquirers with a handy manual in which they can find answers to questions frequently asked as to the views of Universalists on the different points of Christian theology. No attempt at elaborate exposition or proof is made; but brief, plain statements are given, indicating the views held by our people on subjects of interest. (fc) Paperback. 90 pages. $4.95
Universalism: The Prevailing Doctrine of the Christian Church - During the First Five Hundred Years (#1230) by J.W. (John Wesley) Hanson (1823-1901). (fc) paperback, 328 pages. $22.95

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