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Daniel Andersen

Daniel Andersen was born in Berlin, New Jersey, USA in 1925. Anderson was raised in Jamestown, New York.

He studied at Harvard University, Houghton Collage, Michigan State University, as well as Dallas Seminary. Andersen also read Electrical Engineering at Union College in Schenectady, New York and later earned a Masters Degree in Mathematics Teaching at Columbia University.

He taught high school before becoming an instructor at Grand Rapids Junior College. At present he is Professor of Physics at Grand Valley State University and is the editor and director of This I Believe ministry. He and his wife live near Grand Rapids in the state of Michigan.  Daniel Andersen has written articles on various biblical topics.


  Books Available by Daniel Andersen:
Be Likeminded (#1046) by Daniel Andersen. Christ is the basis of Christian unity, and when Paul exhorts believers to be "likeminded" he is not entreating them to comply with the same code or creed, or to conform to the same confession or catechism. Rather he is appealing to them to accept others as Christ, Himself, accepts them. ISBN: 1934251364 / 9781934251362 -- 54pp. BK $9.95
Bible Study: A Personal Quest (#1195) by Daniel Andersen. Aims to encourage and stimulate Christians to approach the Bible for themselves, to come to their own conclusions but to be ever aware and respectful of others and their views. 35pp. BK $4.95


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