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Leon A. Bynoe

  Bynoe was born in St Michael, Barbados, British West Indies. He later came to New York City and was founder of Bible Truth Church. For decades he conducted an international ministry, alongside his beloved co-worker Arthur Benta. Their worldwide ministry was most active in the West Indies, Panama, Nigeria, and West Africa.

Both, originally associated with the I.B.S.A. (International Bible Studentís Association), were intimate associates of A.E. Knoch, E.H. Clayton, William Mealand, John H. Essex, Charles Peart, and J.W. Bailey (of the Concordant Tabernacle, Brooklyn). Capable students and teachers of Scripture, they often conducted and participated in conferences across the US and abroad. For many years they oversaw the Concordant Scripture Students which met weekly in Harlem.

Bynoeís extensive evangelistic efforts in Jamaica, which began in Jamaica in 1925, resulted in 12 assemblies with about 400 members. He would also go on to become the founder and managing editor of Grace & Truth magazine, as well as director of Bible Truth Press.

The Eonian Times: or, Godís Purpose of the Eons or Ages (#3159) by Leon A. Bynoe. Contents: 1. The Eonian Times, 2. God ALL in All, 3. The Way of Salvation, 4. Leon A. Bynoe Biography, 5. Leon A. Bynoe Obituary. Facsimile. 54 pages. Paperback. $6.95
A Manual of Doctrinal Truths (#1612) Leon A. Bynoe (1895-1983). An associate of A.E. Knoch, this founding editor of Grace & Truth Magazine, takes a brief look at some fundamentals of the Sacred Scriptures. (fc) Paperback. 68 pages. $6.95

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