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Arthur P. Adams (1848-1920)

Arthur P. Adams, author and publisher, was born November 29,1848 in Chelsea MA, the great-grandson of President John Adams.

He was a Methodist minister whose independent study of the Scriptures led him to separate from his denomination in 1878.

For a short while he was acquainted with Charles Russell (1852-1916), and then with Nelson Barbour (1824-1905). Barbour was purported to have held to "Rellyism," the doctrine of Universal Reconciliation taught by James Relly (1722-1778).

Adams disassociated with Russell early in the 1880s. He became associated with John Paton (1843-1922). One source states that "Adams became a significant force among those opposing Zion’s Watch Tower."

In 1885 he became the editor of "The Spirit of the Word" published out of Beverly, MA. He published this for at least 23 years.

He published at least one major book, Bible Harmony, first in 1890 by his Bethabah Publishing House. Among the his known smaller works are: The Purposes of God, True Basis of Redemption, Endless Torments Not Scriptural, Christ’s Seamless Garments, Love that Never Faileth, Trusting, and Man’s Free Will.

Adams was known to have lived and ministered in New York and New Hampshire, as well as his home state of Massachusetts. He died November 22, 1920 in Meredith NH and was buried in Rhinebeck NY.




Bible Harmony: A Study of the Bible as a Whole (1162) by A. P. Adams (1847-1920). This is Adams’ premiere work and most lasting legacy. Based largely upon his periodical The Spirit of the Word it also serves as the basis of some of his smaller works.

(fc) Paperback. 334 pages. $21.95





Judgment and the Doctrine of Eternal Hell  by Arthur P. Adams (#0103)


Judgment: Its Nature and Purposes
The Doctrine of Eternal Hell
Does Death Seal Our Eternal Destiny?
How Many Ways of Salvation are There?
Adam’s Sin
The Sacrifice of Christ
The Truth about Sodom
The Purpose of the Law
The Sabbath
Translation Corrections

123 pages, Paperback, $10.95

The Purposes of God: and the True Basis of Redemption (#4317) by Arthur P. Adams.

This is a compilation of some of Adams’ smaller works that first appeared in his periodical The Spirit of the Word in 1885.

Adams suffered greatly for the truths presented here. The riches found within these pages deserve to be preserved for future generations. Even though Adams wrote over one hundred years ago, in many ways his writings are just as fresh as if they had been written today.

135 page paperback $10.95

True Basis of Redemption (#0021) by A. P. Adams (1847-1920).

This widely circulated work shows that Redemption is a part of Creation, and hence its success depends, not on the creature, but on the Creator. It is based on Job 14:15, where it is declared that God “will have a desire to the work of His hands.”

Paperback. 50 Pages. $5.95


Truth Vs. Orthodoxy (#4325) by Arthur P. Adams

This is a collection of studies from the heartwarming and insightful pen of A.P. Adams (1847-1925). Chapter titles are:

The Spirit of the Word and Theological Reversals
Free Will
What Is Man?
We See Jesus
The Man Christ Jesus
Jesus Christ the Son of God
Why Christ Died and Man’s Doctrine of Substitution
“Substitution” and the “Vicarious Atonement”

108 pages, paperback, $9.95

The Spirit of the Word: Volume 1, Issues 1-12 (1885-1886) (#1216) by Arthur P. Adams (1847-1920). The original periodical format necessitated that some articles started in one issue and continued in another. In this edition, for the ease of the reader, these articles have been merged together for continued flow. This is the original work from which many of Adam’s other works were taken.


308 pages, paperback, $19.95




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