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J. C. O'Hair


  John Cowen O’Hair, who once served as secretary to the US Ambassador to Mexico, pastored the North Shore Church in Chicago for 35 years. He was an ardent dispensational teacher (Mid-Acts position). With Charles F. Baker as his associate, the church hosted other dispensational teachers, including William R. Newell, Arno C. Gaebelein, G. Campbell Morgan, Harry Bultema and Louis Talbot. O’Hair was a radio pioneer, establishing his own broadcasting station in 1924 (original call letters WDBY, later WPCC – “We Preach Christ Crucified”). O’Hair was instrumental in founding World Wide Grace Testimony, Grace Gospel Fellowship and the Milwaukee Bible Institute (now Grace Bible College, Grand Rapids, MI).  

Available Books:


Bible Study for Bereans - October 1936 (#1643) J.C. O’Hair (1876-1958). This issue covers such issues as: Progressive Revelation, Dispensational Changes, Different Churches, and the 12 Apostles and Paul. (fc) Paperback. 58 pages. $7.95

Bible Study for Bereans: February and March 1937 (#3302) J.C. O’Hair. This double issue is entitled “Much Ado About Something” and covers such topics as: “Churches of the Bible,” “Gospel’s of the Bible,” “Dispesnationalism,” “Divine Healing,” “Signs,” “Visions,” “Baptisms,” “What is God’s Spiritual Program for His Children Today?” 126 pages, facsimile, paperback. $10.95

From Melita to Miletum (What About the Signs of Mark 16:17-18?) (#1674) J.C. O’Hair (1876-1958). A trip with the apostle Paul from Acts 28:1-9 to II Timothy 4:20. (fc) Paperback. 48 pages. $6.95

J.C. O’Hair and the Origins of the American Grace Movement (#0188) by Dale DeWitt & Bryan Ross. J.C. O’Hair (1876-1958) had a ministry that emphasized Paul’s message of salvation by grace, holding a Mid-Acts Dispensational position that recognized the prominent place of Israel, the law, and the available Messianic kingdom at the beginning of the Book of Acts, with a subsequent changeover to grace and the free inclusion of the Gentiles for the remainder of the book. This work takes a look at the theological journey of one man who would become the foundation upon which the so-called “Grace Movement” would rise. It includes compiled original articles that appeared in Truth Magazine. 282 pages. Hardback. $19.95

The Lost Precious Gem (#1759) J. C. O'Hair (1876-1958). This precious gem is the Divine message and program, for which the apostle Paul was an ambassador in bonds, for which Paul suffered as an evil doer. He called this particular Divine truth, “the mystery of Christ,” “the mystery of the gospel,” “the mystery of God's will,” and “the dispensation of the mystery.” Paperback. 66 Pages. (fc) $8.95

The Unsearchable Riches of Christ (#1735) J. C. O'Hair (1876-1958. This extensive volume is dedicated to saints of God who know the meaning of II Timothy 1:8: “Be thou not therefore ashamed of the testimony of our Lord, nor of me His prisoner; but be thou partaker of the afflictions of the gospel according to the power of God.” Paperback. 392 Pages. $19.95