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CHARLES H. (Henry) WELCH Born April 25th 1880. Author of Dispensational Truth, The Testimony of the Lord’s Prisoner, The Form of Sound Words, United Yet Divided, True from the Beginning, etc. and late editor of The Berean Expositor, Principal of the Chapel of the Opened Book. Author of a series of volumes Expository in character and stressing the Dispensational point of view.


Books Available by Charles H. Welch:

The Apostle of the Reconciliation (#6237) by Charles H. Welch (1880-1967). This book shows the dispensational place of Acts and the earlier epistles of Paul. It follows a threefold division of Acts: 1. Restoration – restoring the Kingdom to Israel (1-9); 2. Reconciliation – typified by the vision of the sheet and the salvation of Cornelius (10-14); 3. Rejection – foreshadowed in Paul’s first miracle (13) and actually fulfilled in the setting aide of Israel (28). Hardback. 337 pages. $19.95
Hymns of Praise (#1889) Charles H. Welch, Editor. This is an attempt at a dispensationally accurate hymnal, compiled by Welch. Quite a number of these hymns, it will be recognized, could only have been written by those acquainted with the results of “Right Division.” The song sections do not have noted music, rather they use hymn meters, thus indicating the number of syllables for the lines in each stanza of the song. This allows the matching of a hymn's text with appropriate tunes for singing. 978-1-62904-188-9 Paperback. 130 Pages (fc) $12.95
In Heavenly Places: Commentary on Ephesians (#6240) by Charles H. Welch (1880-1967). This is a detailed exposition of “the Mystery” or secret purpose that was hidden in God and then revealed through Paul, our apostle, in his epistle to the Ephesians. Hardback. 608 pages. $24.95