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Dr. Harold P. Morgan


Morgan was born in Liverpool England, but had an extensive ministry throughout the United States, including works in RI (dean and professor of the Providence Bible Institute), NY (founder and president of Buffalo Bible Institute), Kansas City, Bloomington IL, Philadelphia PA, Independence MO, and Riverton NJ. He was the author of numerous works, including The Revolt Against the Distinctive Ministry of the Apostle Paul.

Among others, he was associated with Charles Welch, Otis Sellers, John H. Kessler, Robert A. Hadden, Dr. R.F. Suerig, and William B. Hallman. He spent the last years of ministry working as the director of the Biblical Information Bureau, and editor of its Questions and Answers.



The Revolt: Against the Distinctive Ministry of the Apostle Paul (#2268) Dr. Harold P. Morgan (1883-1953) This work exposes the ongoing revolt against the revelation committed to Paul the apostle. This revolt advances a theology that carries us back to the “Sermon on the Mount” and the “Day of Pentecost.” It drags Paul down from the place which Christ exalted him. The best remedy is a mastery of Paul’s message. Facsimile. Paperback. 80 pages. $9.95






Questions and Answers: Volumes 1-10; 1942-1953. Dr. Harold P. Morgan (1883-1953), Editor. Questions and Answers was a periodical devoted to Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth (mainly from an Acts 28 perspective). Contributors to the periodical included Paul A. Greenmeyer, Arthur Van Someren, Helen P Brown, W. A. McAtee, Cornelius R. Stam, Raymond Van Dyke, Vincent Bennett, Nevin Meyer Wetzel, William Campbell, Harry Bultema, and Dr. Mahlon D. E. Culbert.
10 volumes published in 5 paperbacks (fc).



The Virgin Birth of Christ – Fact or Fiction? (#2312) by Dr. Harold P. Morgan (1883-1953). A defense of the virgin birth of Christ. Facsimile Paperback. 48 pages. $6.95

Was Peter the Rock Upon Which Christ Built His Church? (#2329) by Dr. Harold P. Morgan (1883-1953). 1. Do the Holy Scriptures assign to Peter the office of supreme head and ruler of the “church”? 2. Did Christ commit to Peter universal spiritual jurisdiction and absolute power over mankind? 3. Have the long line of successors in the popedom inherited the plenitude of power and authority which is claimed for Peter? 4. Are the popes today precisely what Peter is said to have been officially when he ruled the “church” from Rome? 5. What is the Pope's present program? These are the questions answered in this work. Facsimile Paperback. 50 Pages. $6.95

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