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The following authors represent a diverse background. The thing that they have in common is a rejoicing in the great love of our benevolent Creator, and the truly good news of the finished cross-work of Christ.

These books challenge the traditional teaching of the religious system which has too long held the masses in fearful bondage. The open heart and mind of the reader will find liberty and freedom by the Scriptural teachings represented on this page.

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The Salvation Of ALL:Creation’s Final Destination (A Biblical Look at Universal Reconciliation) Expanded Edition (#7001) by Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr. The Gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ is truly better “Good News” than we could ever have imagined.  It is far more glorious than religion would ever have us believe. The Salvation of All is a book about a “Good News” that will reach its final goal in the salvation of all mankind. 9781934251010 / 1934251011 --316 page PB  Expanded Edition (132 additional pages) $19.95


  100 Scriptural Proofs That Jesus Christ is the Savior of All  and 150 Reasons For Believing In The Final Salvation of All Mankind (#1575) by Thomas Whitemore & Erasmus Manford. This reprint of two historical works from the ninetieth century examines Scripture passages taking the reader through a logical train of thought proving universal reconciliation. 108 pp. ISBN: 9781934251522  PB $11.95 ON SALE $9.95
All in All: The Goal of the Universe (#6269) by A. E. Knoch. (1874-1965) This publication is a compilation of the writings of A. E. Knoch on human destiny. 219 page PB $10.95
  The Ancient History of Universalism: From the Time of the Apostles, to the Era of the Reformation (#1155) by Hosea Ballou 2nd (1796-1861). This classic work traces the early history of those who believed in the eventual salvation of all (sometime referred to as a “Universtalist.”) “The work is one of decided ability, and is written with great candor and a careful examination of authorities.” Dr. Edward Beecher (1803-1895). (fc) paperback, 330 pages $21.95
  At the End of the Ages: The Abolition of Hell (#3331) by Bob Evely. Is hell forever? Most say that the righteous go to heaven, and the wicked to hell, forever! Is this what the Bible teaches? This book presents evidence that the Bible, in the original languages, reveals that one day ALL mankind will be saved. Through time our Bible translations have become biased through the official teachings of “The Church.” The author argues that teaching about an eternal hell slanders God, and it prevents many from having faith because the arguments in support of an eternal torment are illogical. Would a God of love keep many souls alive forever just to torment them because they failed to “accept Jesus Christ” in this lifetime? The author shows that the Bible does not teach this. The purpose of “the eons” (i.e., “the ages,” often mistranslated “eternity”) is to bring ALL mankind to the point where every knee bows before Him. This work is written with the average reader in mind. Paperback, 171 pages, $4.95
  The Bible Hell (#1902) J. W. (John Wesley) Hanson (1823-1901). This work aims to present all the important facts so fully and comprehensively that any reader can obtain in a few pages a birds-eye-view of “The Bible Hell.” The author ventures to hope that anyone who will read candidly, not permitting the bias of an erroneous education to warp his judgment, will not fall to agree with the conclusions of this book, that the doctrine of unending sin and woe finds no support in the Bible teachings concerning “Hell.” 978-1-62904-190-2 Paperback. 76 Pages. $9.95

Bible Proofs of Universal Salvation (#2895) by J. W. (John Wesley) Hanson. This work presents Bible proof of universal salvation containing the principal passages of Scripture that teach the final holiness and happiness of all mankind. The author attempts to present the prominent considerations that are contained in the Bible in support of the final redemption of all souls. 137pp PB $12.95

  Bible Threatenings Explained (#1919) J. W. (John Wesley) Hanson (1823-1901). The purpose of this work is to remove from the mind any supposed obstacles that prevent it from beholding God as the Savior of the world. 978-1-62904-191-9 Paperback. 212 Pages. (fc) $19.95
  Christ Triumphant, Or Universalism Asserted (#2264) by Thomas Allin. Preprint of the 9th Edition. Originally published over 100 years ago, this book answers the question: Can Evil triumph finally over Good? 327 page PB $12.95
  Christ Victorious Over All - 1921 (#1261) by Joseph Sturge Johnston (1843-1933). Johnston was an associate of A.E. Knoch and George Rogers. “Johnson has given us a volume of studies on eschatology which denies the orthodox theory of ‘Satan Victorious over the Majority’ and seeks to place the crown of universal conquest on the head of Christ, where it rightfully belongs. … This work must be classed among those which really prove the great truth of the ultimate victory of Christ over all evil. … Marked by an uncompromising loyalty to what he recognized as truth … [he was] long recognized as a gifted teacher of God's holy Word. … He taught Bible classes in Chicago and Pasadena for many years.” Unsearchable Riches. (fc) Paperback. 236 pages. $19.95
  A Cloud of Witnesses (#1926) J. W. (John Wesley) Hanson (1823-1901). This work contains passages from distinguished authors concerning the truth of Universal Salvation. 978-1-62904-192-6 Paperback. 324 Pages. (fc) $21.95
  Death, Resurrection, Immortality (#2052) by Joseph E. Kirk. This work deals with the problem of death and God’s solution of resurrection and immortality through the work of the Lord Jesus Christ. The widely accepted teaching of the immortality of the soul, which makes resurrection unnecessary and detracts from the value of our Lord’s sacrifice, is shown to be unscriptural. 111 page PB $8.95

Divine Glory Brought to View in the Final Salvation of All Men (#2920) by Charles Chauney. This little book contains a letter to the friend of truth concerning the divine glory brought to view in the final salvation of all mankind. Written in 1783 Old English. BK 17 pages $2.95
  The Doctrine of Eternal Hell Torments Overthrown - 1833 (#1209) Thomas Whittemore (1800-1861), Editor. Part 1 (1658) 6 chapters by Samuel Richardson (1643-1658) The Torments of Hell, the Foundation and Pillars Thereof, Searched, Discovered, Shaken and Removed; Part 2 (1731) 2 essays by Marie Huber (1695-1753) An Article from the Harleian Miscellant on universalism; Part 3 by David Hartley (1705-1757) Defense of Universalism. (fc) 166 pages. Paperback. $14.95
  Endless Punishment: In the Very Words of Its Advocates (#7888) by Thomas J. Sawyer (1804-1899). A reprint of the 1880 edition. "I should be ashamed of myself, if, believing in God and in Christ, I still feared their ultimate failure in this great work of redemption. God never fails. And I beg those of the contrary part to reflect that the final issue of the divine government, whether it be in harmony with our theology." 244 page 7.44” x 9.68” PB $19.95
  Eonian: Everlasting or Age-Lasting?(#7673) complied by G. H. Todd. This booklet explores what has become a prolific source of confusion – the usual inconsistency in rendering the Hebrew word olam and the Greek words aitn and aitnios. These same terms in precisely identical settings are frequently represented by a variety of English words conveying widely divergent ideas, even antithetical concepts. 47 page BK $3.95
  Eternal Torment, or Universal Reconciliation (#5601) by A. E. Knoch. (1874-1965) God’s goal for His creatures is clearly set forth in His Word. Yet devout and earnest men differ radically as to what the consummation will be. Those on all sides of the question feel very strongly that those opposing them are wrong. The more common objections to the clear teaching of Universal Reconciliation are considered. 51 page BK $3.95

Examination of the Doctrine of Endless Punishment, An: It’s Claims to Divine Origin Refuted (#1850) by I. D. (Isaac Dowd) Williamson (1807-1876). 133pp PB $18.95


Fifteen Bombs that Sank My Theological Ship



Fifteen Bombs that Sank My Theological Ship by V. E. Jacobson. One minister’s personal testimony to the salvation of all mankind. Leaflet.

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God in Creation, Redemption, Judgment and Consummation & What is Ultimate Reconciliation?  (#1750) by A. E. Saxby (1873-1960). A classic work. 88pp PB $10.95

  God’s Eonian Purpose (#3554) by Adlai Loudy. First printed in 1929, this work is a thorough review of God’s plan and purpose, gathering together many of the most basic themes of Scripture. 383 pages

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  God’s Plan for Man: A Journey of Surprises (#5039) by Kenneth Joyce. This is a condensed adaptation of Adlai Loudy’s classic work God’s Eonian Purpose. “This book will delight you as you read of God’s purpose of all mankind. Written in clear and simple language, it traces the purpose of God from earliest revelation to its fulfillment in the reconciliation of all to God in righteousness.” - Andrew Maclarty, Grace & Truth. 88 page PB $9.95

God’s Truths Recovered: Beyond the Reformation (#1122) by Danny Russino. God’s Truths Recovered is a study manual which covers such topics as: The eons and their importance; eternity; Satan; evil; administrations; rightly dividing the word; the gospel of the circumcision and un-circumcision; the church; book of Acts; Paul’s epistles; salvation; justification; reconciliation; maturity in Christ; human traditions; baptism of the holy spirit; born again; new creation; the body and bride; trinity; spiritual gifts; gifts for today; healing; suffering; reigning; revealed secrets; Israel’s future; your future; God’s unconditional love; the Deity; hell; lake of fire; death; pagan philosophy; immortality; soul; second death; resurrection; vivification; judgment; great white throne; secret of Christ and more. (4th edition) 286 page 8 1/2 x 11 PB $21.95

  God’s Ultimate (#1223) by A. E. Saxby (1873-1960). (fc) Paperback. 222 pages. $19.95
  The Great Revelation: Or, God’s Love, Purpose and Plan (#1346) John H. Paton (1843-1922). This has been written with the knowledge that it presents a view of God's “Great Revelation” of His “Love, Purpose, and Plan,” that has not been seen by the majority of Christians. It has not been written, however, in the spirit of contention or strife, but of love and goodwill for all, and of fellowship for all who love our Lord Jesus Christ, whatever their view of his work may be. As said the Psalmist and an Apostle: “I believe, therefore have I spoken. – Paton. (fc) Paperback. 98 pages. $9.95
  Greek Word AION - AIONIOS, Translated Everlasting - Eternal, The (#6562) by John Wesley Hanson. J.W. Hanson was the editor of The New Covenant. This booklet is a Reprint from an original published in Chicago 1875 by Northwestern Universalist Publishing House. 79pp. BK $9.95


HELL, or "Pure from the blood of all men" (#6248) by Charles H. Welch. The reader is enabled by this clear exposition to examine afresh the traditional ideas of the immortality of the Soul, Hell, and kindred subjects. It is not the author’s opinions that are put forward but what the Scriptures show, and that not in the light of restricted texts but all texts in their true context and setting. 57pp. BK $5.95
  History of Opinions on the Scriptural Doctrine of Retribution (#3075) by Edward Beecher (1803-1895). First published in 1878, this work is a detailed research tracing views of the afterlife through ancient pagan religions, demonstrating their strong influence upon Judaism and Christianity. Beecher was the son of Lyman Beecher, and the brother of Harriet Beecher Stowe and Henry Ward Beecher. 312pp PB $29.95
  An Introductory Essay to Jeremiah White’s “The Restoration of All Things” (#1551) David Thom (1795-1862). (fc) Paperback. 112 pages. $11.95
  Is Hell Eternal or, Will God’s Plan Fail? (#0677) by Charles H. Pridgeon (1863-1932). “Our readers will rejoice with us at [this] publication by Charles H. Pridgeon, President of the Pittsburgh Bible Institute. A firm stand is taken for the salvation of all, based on the doctrine of the eons as revealed in the Scriptures. Many other books on this subject, lacking the light which the doctrine of the eons brings, have never seemed sufficiently conclusive to carry conviction to those who wish a scriptural basis for their belief.” – A.E. Knoch, Unsearchable Riches. Reprint of the 1920 edition. Paperback, 344 Pages. $21.95





Judgment and the Doctrine of Eternal Hell  by Arthur P. Adams (#0103)


Judgment: Its Nature and Purposes
The Doctrine of Eternal Hell
Does Death Seal Our Eternal Destiny?
How Many Ways of Salvation are There?
Adam’s Sin
The Sacrifice of Christ
The Truth about Sodom
The Purpose of the Law
The Sabbath
Translation Corrections

123 pages, Paperback, $10.95

  Legend of Hell, The: An Examination of the Idea of Everlasting Punishment (#2235) by Percy Dearmer (1867-1936). "When I was in France during the war I used to ask the men to put questions in a box. The question most frequently asked was 'How can a just God send people to everlasting torment?' " Hence the need for this book. Deals with all aspects of the subject, without shirking any of its difficulties. ISBN: 1934251313/ 9781934251317 - 128 page PB $19.95
  Modern History of Universalism: Extending from the Epoch of the Reformation to the Present Time (#1193) by Thomas Whittemore (1800-1861). This is Volume 1 (the 1860 expanded European portion of the 1830 Edition). The Modern History of Universalism was among Whittemore’s most important works. It was designed to be the companion work to The first edition was published in 1830. It deals with Universalist developments from the Protestant Reformation in Europe and then in America. Over the next thirty years Whittemore greatly expanded this history. In 1860 he published the first of what was to be a two-volume set. This first volume deals with European developments from the time of the Reformation. A second volume was to deal with American developments. He died a year later leaving the second volume unfinished. The 1830 single-volume edition remains the only current source of his work extending into the American history of Universalism. Volume 1 of the 1860 edition is a tremendous expansion of the European content contained in the 1830 edition. An avid student of Universalist history would require both the 1830 and 1860 editions. (fc) paperback, 408 pages $23.95
  Nothing Will Be Lost! The Truth About God’s Good News by Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr. This is an abridgement of the larger work The Salvation of All. It is designed as a give-away edition, with quantity pricing available. 88 page PB.
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Martin Zender Goes To Hell (#6494) by Martin Zender. The author embarks on a point-by-point refutation of the doctrine of eternal torment. In simple words he tackles all the critical topics: Jesus’ threats to the Israelites, the parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus, the lake of fire, the Greek words translated "hell," the Greek word commonly translated "eternal." PB 78 pages $10.95
  The Unveiled Glory (by Hannah Hurnard) and My Unexpected Discovery (by Hannah Whitall Smith)

(#0172) Hannah Whitall Smith (1832-1911) was the author of the classic work, A Christian’s Secret of a Happy Life. Both famous Christian authors discuss their coming to see and embrace the salvation of all. 64pp. PB $4.95


  The Origin and History of the Doctrine of Endless Punishment (#1971) Thomas B. Thayer (1812-1886). This work was written for the purpose of furnishing a sketch of the argument by which it is shown that the doctrine of Endless Punishment is not of divine origin, but traceable directly to a heathen source. It is not intended as an elaborate discussion of the subject, but only as a presentation of the method of proof, and of the leading facts and authorities on which the argument rests. Paperback. 280 Pages. (fc) $20.95

Outcome of Infinite Grace, The (#6388) by Loyal F. Hurley. "The last enemy to be destroyed is death!" It was this verse which caused the author, a pastor, to study afresh the subject of the fate of the wicked. The three choices apparent from a surface reading of various biblical texts were eternal torment, extermination or ultimate reconciliation. The author studied to find which one was true.  “A helpful introduction to the great truth that God is the Savior of all mankind.” -Unsearchable Riches Magazine ISBN: 1934251305 / 9871934251300 - 80 page PB  $11.95 SALE $9.95


Problem Of Evil And The Judgments Of God, The (#3850) by A.E. Knoch (1874-1965). This book traces the divine function of evil from its inception to its consummation, by presenting scriptural solutions to the various long-debated questions concerning God and His sovereignty. 346 page paperback $15.95

The Purposes of God: and the True Basis of Redemption (4317) by Arthur P. Adams. This is a compilation of some of Adams’ smaller works that first appeared in his periodical The Spirit of the Word in 1885. Adams suffered greatly for the truths presented here. The riches found within these pages deserve to be preserved for future generations. Even though Adams wrote over one hundred years ago, in many ways his writings are just as fresh as if they had been written today. 135 page paperback $10.95

  Really Bad Thing About Free Will, The (#2250) by Martin Zender. A critical look at willpower doctrine. 80 pages, plus 20 illustrations. $10.95
  A Reply to R.A. Torrey’s “The Exact Truth Regarding an Eternal Hell” (#3125) by A. E. Knoch. A scriptural response to Torrey’s attempt to defend the traditional doctrine of Hell. 49 page PB. $4.95

Restitution of All Things (#3286) by Andrew Jukes. The author, who wrote FOUR VIEWS OF CHRIST and THE LAW OF THE OFFERINGS, also penned this work in the 1860s. This reprint brings the reader into an aspect of the author’s later ministry which may surprise some. In it he examines the Scriptures regarding the destiny of the human race. 194 page PB $10.95
  The Restoration of All Things (#1544) Jeremiah White (1629-1707). (fc) Paperback. 226 pages. $19.95

Resurrection of The Body, The:  How the Dead are Raised (#1375) by E. W. Bullinger. The Bible has much to say about the resurrection of the body. In fact it is the hope of each and every believer in Christ - as Paul wrote in Philippians 3:20-21. That being the case, what does the Bible say about The Resurrection of the Body. When will this resurrection take place? How are they raised? With what bodies? These, and many other questions, Bullinger answers with his usual thorough and accruate handling of the Bible. 1934251062 / 9781934251065 --40 page. BK  (Retail Price $10.95) Special $9.95


Rich Man and Lazarus, The – The Ultimate Collection: A collection consisting of Eight Important Works:

The Rich Man and Lazarus: A Pillar of Parialism Shaken and Removed, by J.F. Witherell (1843)
The Rich Man and Lazarus, by E.W. Bullinger (1902)
The Rich Man and Lazarus, by Alan Burns (1915)
The Rich Man and Lazarus, by Otis Q. Sellers (1941)
The Rich Man and Lazarus as an Admission, by B. Davies (1955)
The Rich Man and Lazarus: Literal or Figurative? by Joseph E. Kirk (1961)
The Story of the Rich Man and Lazarus: Parable? or Literal History? by Ivan L. Burgener (2007)
The Rich Man and Lazarus, by Dan Kraemer (2010)


(#4625) 284 pages, Paperback $19.95

Rich Man and Lazarus, The: The Intermediate State (#3127) by E. W. Bullinger. It is the author's contention that when dealing with the subject of what happens at death, it is important that Christians confine themselves to what the Bible has to say and not turn to tradition. Some current views have more in common with the traditions taught by the Pharisees than with the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ.  ISBN: 9781934251027 / 193425102X  --64 page PB (Retail Price $11.95) Special $9.95

Rich Man and Lazarus, The (#3444) by Dan Kraemer. 78 pages. Paperback. $9.95

  The Rich Man and Lazarus: An Exposition of Luke 16 (#2275) by Otis Q. Sellers (1901-1992). The portion of Scripture which is examined and interpreted in this study is certainly not the most important passage in the Word of God. Nevertheless, it is apparent that many make Luke 16:19-31 to be the preeminent passage of all Scripture because of the great number of doctrines on which they found it and by which they establish it. Facsimile. Paperback. 62 Pages. $7.95
  Salvation and Judgment in the Book of Matthew and The Voice of One Imploring (#4004) by Dean Hough. When our Lord came into this world He came to save: “you shall be calling His name Jesus, for He shall be saving His people from their sins” (Matthew 1:21). This important declaration of God’s intention forms a solid basis for all that is recorded throughout the book of Matthew, and must be kept in mind in the midst of the stern warnings of judgment, even including that of “fire unextinguished.” Booklet. 20 pages. $1.95
The Salvation Of ALL:  Creation’s Final Destination (A Biblical Look at Universal Reconciliation) Expanded Edition  (#7001) by Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr. The Gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ is truly better “Good News” than we could ever have imagined.  It is far more glorious than religion would ever have us believe. The Salvation of All is a book about a “Good News” that will reach its final goal in the salvation of all mankind. ISBN: 9781934251010 / 1934251011 --316 page PB  Expanded Edition (132 additional pages) $19.95
  Salvation of the Unbeliever and God All in All (#9125) by A. E. Knoch. (1874-1965) God has a goal. He intends to become All in all of His creatures. He will accomplish this by way of reconciling all His enemies by the blood of Christ's cross and saving all mankind at the consummation. Those who believe now are saved by His grace. For those who do not believe there is a long, dark, and painful process of judgment, all the while leading to the same bright goal. 20 page BK $1.95

Salvator Mundi: Is Christ the Saviour of All Men? (New Enlarged Type Edition) (#6219) by Samuel Cox (1826-1893). "Salvator Mundi" means "Savior of the World." First published in 1877, the main object of this book is to encourage those who "faintly trust the larger hope" to commit themselves to it wholly and fearlessly, by showing them that they have ample warrant for it in the Scriptures. Reprint of the 1899 Eleventh Edition. (New Enlarged Type Edition) ISBN: 978193425149 --176 page PB $17.95
  Saviour of All Mankind (#3053) Compilation. This treatise is comprised of a series of seven articles dealing with human destiny and the purpose of the eons. The topics discussed include how "the many" shall be constituted just, God’s purpose in creation, God, Who wills that all mankind be saved, the completeness of salvation, the final goal of God’s love, the evangel and its ultimate consequences, and the definitive meaning of the Greek word aitn. 48 page BK $3.95
  Sheōl and Hadēs: Their Meaning and Usage in the Word of God (#1995). E.W. Bullinger (1837-1913). This is a detailed study of two key works (one Hebrew, one Greek) that have an unmistakable bearing on death. Paperback, 52 Pages. $7.95 

Soul and the Unseen & The Gehenna of Fire, The (#2350) by James Coram. A short study of “soul,” “sheol,” “hades,” and “gehenna.” BK 23pp $4.95

Spirits In Prison, The:  An Exposition of I Peter 3:17-4:6 (#1450) by E. W. Bullinger. There are many interpretations of I Peter 3:17-4:6 and the “The Spirits in Prison,” ranging from purgatory to probation, from preaching before Noah’s Day to preaching after Christ’s death. Bullinger was never a man to shy away from a problem and with his usual thoroughness and attention to detail, with his great knowledge of the original words and their usage, and by considering the context and background; he has produced a solution which will be of interest to all students of the Word. -- ISBN: 1934251135 / 9781934251133 -- 48 pages. BK  (Retail Price $10.95) Special $9.95

Story of the Rich Man and Lazarus: Parable? or Literal History?, The (#3380) Ivan L. Burgener. The subject of the Rich Man and Lazarus from Luke chapter 16 has long been one that has caused much confusion and misunderstanding in Christendom. Upon its accurate interpretation rests much doctrinal significance for us today. It has been so traditionally misused as to be made the cornerstone of the erroneous teaching of the immortality of the soul – a concept not taught by the Scriptures, but firmly rooted in Roman Catholicism, Spiritism, Paganism, and Platonism. Ivan Burgener has a great heart for the truth. He has a firm belief in the authority of the Scriptures, and courage to follow his studies wherever they may lead him. Many faithful years of study and ministry has led him to this greatly abused passage of Scripture. This may well be the simplest, clearest, and most well documented presentation of the Rich Man and Lazarus in print. 80 page PB $10.95

    Studies in I Corinthians 15 (#1325) by A. E. Knoch. The richest and most far-reaching revelation concerning resurrection, rousing, and the recall to life is spread before us in the fifteenth chapter of First Corinthians. In this work the glory and victory of life through Christ, as presented in I Corinthians 15 are greatly clarified. It is comprised of three chapters, "Undeniable Evidence for the Resurrection," "The Vivification of All," and "How the Dead are Roused." PB 48 pages $4.95
  Time and Eternity: A Biblical Study (#1025) by G. T. Stevenson. Paperback. 74 pages. $9.95
  Two Studies on Heaven and Hell (#7979) by A. E. Knoch. (1874-1965)  This booklet gives good introductory material on what Christ taught about heaven and "hell", as well as revelation on this subject from the Old Testament and the epistles of Paul. This study will help the reader begin to solve the problem in his own mind. 27 page BK $2.95

Union: or A Treatise of the Consanguinity and Affinity Between Christ and His Church (#2085) James Relly (1722-1778) If all had sinned in Adam, then all were saved in Christ – that reasoning is this work’s theme. First published in London in 1759. 110pp. PB ISBN: 9781934251454 $18.95
  Universal Restoration: Four Dialogues Between a Minister and His Friend (#0691) Elhanan Winchester (1751-1797). (fc) Paperback. 276 pages. $19.95
  Universalism: The Prevailing Doctrine of the Christian Church - During the First Five Hundred Years (#1230) by J.W. (John Wesley) Hanson (1823-1901). (fc) paperback, 328 pages. $22.95
    What is Mankind? the Soul? Death? (#1825) by A. E. Knoch. The fundamental facts of human make-up are traced in this work, as to body and spirit, which combine to make the living soul. This aids us greatly in grasping the seriousness of death. God alone knows what mankind is. So to the Word of God we turn to learn what He, Who formed the first human being, has to say about His own handiwork. PB 48 pages $4.95

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