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William B. Hallman (1903-1985)

Hallman attended Moody Bible Institute (Chicago), Buena Vista College (IL), and Presbyterian (IA), McCormick (Chicago), and Northern Baptist (Chicago) Seminaries. He was Professor of Biblical Hermeneutics at Northwestern Bible School (founded by Dr. W.B. Riley) in the 1930�s, and taught at Grace Bible College of Grand Rapids, MI.

He pastored the Evangelical churches in Minneapolis MI, the Roseland area of Chicago, Crystal Lake, IL, as well as the Fundamental Bible Church of Milwaukee, WI, Berean Church of Muskegon, MI, Open Bible Fellowship of Hales Corners, WI, and was on the board of Things to Come Missions. Among others he was associated in ministry with Dr. Harold P. Morgan, Otis Q. Sellers William E. Root, J.C. O�Hair, Charles F. Baker, C.R. Stam, and Russell H. Schaefer.

Books available by William B. Hallman:
The Apostle to the Gentiles (Paul, His Life, Labors and Letters) (#1421) William B. Hallman (1903-1973). (fc) Paperback. 382 pages. $22.95
Biblical Hermeneutics (#1438) William B. Hallman (1903-1973). "The following notes were first compiled while I was pastor of the First Evangelical Free Church at Minneapolis, Minn. I was invited by Dr. Robert L. Moyer, then Dean of Northwestern Bible School, to teach Biblical Hermeneutics at their evening school. At first, I hesitated because I had not had any full course on the subject. But Dr. Moyer insisted that I should come. He said that he would have his secretary come to his class, take down his complete lecture, and have it typed for me. I could then use them as a basis for my notes and teaching. With this kind offer, I could not very well refuse. So during the years 1932-33, I taught Biblical Hermeneutics at the school founded by Dr. W. B. Riley." � Hallman. (fc) Paperback. 214 pages. $19.95
The Book of Daniel (#1445) William B. Hallman (1903-1973). (fc) Paperback. 110 pages. $10.95
The Book of Isaiah (#1452) William B. Hallman (1903-1973). (fc) Paperback. 66 pages. $8.95
The Book of Mark (#1469) William B. Hallman (1903-1973). (fc) Paperback. 198 pages. $18.95
Dispensational Distinctions: Lessons on the Book of Genesis (#1476) William B. Hallman (1903-1973). (fc) Paperback. 246 pages. $19.95
The Epistle to the Hebrews (#1483) William B. Hallman (1903-1973). (fc) Paperback. 144 pages. $13.95
The Epistle to the Romans (#1490) William B. Hallman (1903-1973). (fc) Paperback. 66 pages. $8.95
The Great Contrast (#1513) William B. Hallman (1903-1973). It is an absolute necessity to "distinguish between the things that differ" (Philippians 1:10) if we are to escape all the confusion and the delusion present on every hand. To unite what God has separated is just as gross a violation of His Will and Word as it is to separate what He has united. 36 pages, facsimile paperback. $4.95
In the Heavenlies: Studies in Ephesians (#3135) by William B. Hallman (1903-1973) The key to this book of Ephesians is the phrase which occurs five times, namely, "in the Heavenlies" (en tois epouraniois). It is found in 1:3; 1:20; 2:6; 3:10; and 6:12. It is the dative plural, and in this grammatical construction always means a locality. It is correctly rendered in 1:20, "in the heavenly places" or "in the heavenlies,I and should so have been translated in all five occurrences. This phrase is found nowhere else in the Scriptures. 70 pages. Paperback. $5.95
The King and the Kingdom in History and Prophecy (#0646) by William B. Hallman. 42 pages, facsimile paperback. $5.95

The Uniqueness of Our Calling (#6006) by William B. Hallman (1902-1985). There are three Greek words which form the basis for this study: the word oikonomia - translated "dispensation" or "administration," the word musterion - rendered "mystery" or "secret," and the word ekklesia - often put as "church" or "assembly." Upon this basis the author considers Paul's two ministries (those before and after Acts 28), as well as a careful look at the present administration, with its unique destiny. 51 pages, paperback. $6.95
The Short Works of William B. Hallman (#1506). Contents: Complete in Christ; Flowers and Birds of the Bible; From Guilt to Glory through Grace; A Study of the Book of Ruth; In the Heavenlies (Ephesians); Introduction to the Psalms; The Lord�s Prayer: It�s Historical Place and Dispensational Purpose; A Metaphor of the Mystery: The Body of Christ; Satan�s Greatest Surprise; The Unsearchable Riches of Christ in the Dispensation of the Secret; The Uniqueness of Our Calling. (fc) Paperback. 110 pages. $10.95

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