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Facsimile Project

(Paperback Reprints)

A facsimile reprint is a photographic duplicate of the original work. We dedicate a large amount of time and resources to acquire and preserve original material, the age and condition of which have a direct effect on the outcome of our reproductions. Like the books on which we base our reprints, our copies may contain imperfections such as printing errors and flaws, as well as user markings, notations and underlining. However, we believe that these works are important enough to make available as part of our dedication in protecting, preserving and promoting valuable historical Scripture study resources. Perhaps not unlike many of the books that we re-typeset, we may not always be in full agreement with their contents.


The Ancient History of Universalism: From the Time of the Apostles, to the Era of the Reformation (#1155) by Hosea Ballou 2nd (1796-1861). This classic work traces the early history of those who believed in the eventual salvation of all (sometime referred to as a “Universtalist.”) “The work is one of decided ability, and is written with great candor and a careful examination of authorities.” Dr. Edward Beecher (1803-1895). (fc) paperback, 330 pages $21.95
The Art of Conversation: Twelve Golden Rules (#1414) Josephine Turck Baker. Genuine communication is at the heart of all relationships. This classic work gives important instruction concerning the lost art of conversation. (fc) Paperback. 60 pages. $4.95
The Bible or the Church? (#0776) by Sir Robert Anderson (1841-1918). This is Anderson’s revision and enlargement of The Buddha of Christendom. Both volumes contain material not in the other. Paperback. 286 pages. $19.95
Bible Harmony: A Study of the Bible as a Whole (1162) by A. P. Adams (1847-1920). This is Adams’ premiere work and most lasting legacy. Based largely upon his periodical The Spirit of the Word it also serves as the basis of some of his smaller works. (fc) Paperback. 334 pages. $21.95
Bible Study for Bereans - October 1936 (#1643) J.C. O’Hair (1876-1958). This issue covers such issues as: Progressive Revelation, Dispensational Changes, Different Churches, and the 12 Apostles and Paul. (fc) Paperback. 58 pages. $7.95
The Book of Daniel (#1445) William B. Hallman (1903-1973). (fc) Paperback. 110 pages. $10.95
Christ Victorious Over All - 1921 (#1261) by Joseph Sturge Johnston (1843-1933). Johnston was an associate of A.E. Knoch and George Rogers. “Johnson has given us a volume of studies on eschatology which denies the orthodox theory of ‘Satan Victorious over the Majority’ and seeks to place the crown of universal conquest on the head of Christ, where it rightfully belongs. … This work must be classed among those which really prove the great truth of the ultimate victory of Christ over all evil. … Marked by an uncompromising loyalty to what he recognized as truth … [he was] long recognized as a gifted teacher of God's holy Word. … He taught Bible classes in Chicago and Pasadena for many years.” Unsearchable Riches. (fc) Paperback. 236 pages. $19.95
Collected Works of Earl M. Brown (#1100) (fc) Paperback, 136 Pages. $12.95
Collected Works of Marvin Rice (#1117) by Marvin W. Rice. A collection of articles that set about to bring to the student's attention some thoughts on texts that have been often overlooked by so many. (fc) Paperback. 336 Pages. $19.95
Comfort and Vision (#1124) by Frederick William Davis (1879-1926). This is “a collection of spiritual sermons by our lamented friend, F. W. Davis, late of Cheltenham, England. It is a fitting memorial of his broad and loving spirit and deep insight into the Word of Truth.” - A.E. Knoch, Unsearchable Riches. Paperback. 136 pages. $12.95
Companion Bible, The: New Testament (Enlarged Type) (#0769) E.W. Bullinger, Paperback, 624 pages $27.95
Dabhar Translation: The Writ of the New Covenant (#2005) The Dabhar (pronounced “Davar”), reprinted by permission exclusively for our students, was a work over 40 years in the making. First released in 2005, is a hyper-literal concordant translation of the Greek Scriptures into English. 478 pages, paperback, $29.95
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The Dispensation of the Grace of God & Acts 28:28 – A Dispensational Boundary Line (#0714) by Otis Q. Sellers (1901-1992). Two works published in one volume. Paperback. 60 pages. $6.95
Dispensational Distinctions: Lessons on the Book of Genesis (#1476) William B. Hallman (1903-1973). (fc) Paperback. 246 pages. $19.95
The Dispensations: and Israel Dispensational Considered (An Enigma Solved, a Puzzle Unraveled) (#1139) by Hazel I. Brown. Chapters include a basic overview of a mid-Acts dispensational view of Scriptures. Revised Edition (1986) Facsimile Paperback, 68 pages, $5.95
The Doctrine of Eternal Hell Torments Overthrown - 1833 (#1209) Thomas Whittemore (1800-1861), Editor. Part 1 (1658) 6 chapters by Samuel Richardson (1643-1658) The Torments of Hell, the Foundation and Pillars Thereof, Searched, Discovered, Shaken and Removed; Part 2 (1731) 2 essays by Marie Huber (1695-1753) An Article from the Harleian Miscellant on universalism; Part 3 by David Hartley (1705-1757) Defense of Universalism. (fc) 166 pages. Paperback. $14.95
The “Ecclesias” (Churches) of the Scriptures (#1018) by Adlai Loudy (1893-1984). Paperback. 48 pages. $6.95

The Emphatic Diaglott: The Book of Acts & Paul’s Epistles (#0455) by Benjamin Wilson. This is a Greek Interlinear with a literal English Translation. Contains: illustrative and explanatory footnotes, a copious selection of references, and a valuable alphabetical appendix. Fascimile of this 1864 classic with enlarged type. 374 page, 8.5x11 paperback. $19.95

The Eonian Evangel (#1285) by Warren Young Kimball (1909-2002). Kimball, a prolific author, was an associate of A. W. Knoch and director of the Eonian Evangel Foundation. 64 Scripture lessons based upon texts in which God’s great purpose of the eons. In these studies nearly 1,000 scripture references are given to 50 books and 304 chapters of the Old and New Testaments. (fc) Paperback. 150 pages. $13.95
The Epistle to the Galatians (#1353) C. I. Scofield (1843-1921). An address delivered at Sea Cliff Bible Conference, July, 1903. (fc) Paperback. 48 pages. $6.95
The Epistle to the Hebrews (#1483) William B. Hallman (1903-1973). (fc) Paperback. 144 pages. $13.95
The Epistle to the Romans (#1490) William B. Hallman (1903-1973). (fc) Paperback. 66 pages. $8.95
The Evangel of the Circumcision and the Evangel of the Uncircumcision (#1072) by Stanley C. Cooper. Paperback. 64 pages. $6.95
The First Dispensation (#1869) by George L. Rogers (1869-1947). Paperback. 38 pages. $3.95
Forgotten Truths Reaffirmed (#0486) compiled by John H. Kessler. A collection of excerpts from 27 authors supporting a dispensational approach of Scripture toward the Acts 28 position view such as: Sir Robert Anderson, Lewis Sperry Chafer, A.C. Gaebelein, James M. Gray, I.M. Haldeman, H.A. Ironside, Clarence Larkin, F.E. Marsh, J. Eustace, Harold P. Morgan, William L. Pettingill, Samuel Ridout , W. Graham Scroggie, W. H. Griffith Thomas, Leon Tucker, and Charles H. Welch.

Chapters include: When Was the Mystery Made Known? Do the Four Gospel Narratives Relate to Christ’s Body? Are the Epistles of Peter, James, John, Jude and the Epistle to the Hebrews, Related Christ’s Body? What Was the Ministry of the Twelve Apostles? Is the Great Commission the Marching Order for Christ’s Body? Have Baptism and The Lord’s Supper Any Place in Christ’s Body? Is Christ’s Body, the Bride of Christ? When Was Israel As a Nation Set Aside? Where Is the Dispensational Boundary? 4th Edition Facsimile Paperback, 71 pages, $5.95
From Melita to Miletum (What About the Signs of Mark 16:17-18?) (#1674) J.C. O’Hair (1876-1958). A trip with the apostle Paul from Acts 28:1-9 to II Timothy 4:20. (fc) Paperback. 48 pages. $6.95
God’s Big Secret (#1667) Richard Post. This little book has been written to help give readers a clearer grasp of God’s blueprint. (fc) Paperback. 48 pages. $6.95
God’s Celestial Purpose: Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians (#0578) by John H. Essex (1907-1991).  "This presentation of our subject, God's Celestial Purpose, takes the form of a commentary on Paul's letter to the Ephesians. A great many sincere believers who regularly read their Bibles have failed to realise the full import of Ephesians, or even its significance in the Scriptures." Paperback. 164 pages. $14.95
God’s Dwelling Place (#0585) by John H. Essex (1907-1991) Paperback. "Amongst the countless thousands of books on Biblical subjects there are very few indeed (if any) which deal with the subject of "God's Dwelling Place," and there is not one known to the writer which deals with the subject in the manner of this book. The subject is surveyed in relation to the purpose of God and His ways with humanity. It shows that God was not reacting to a crisis situation in His dealings with mankind, but that the God Who planned the end also planned the beginning. The visible and temporary aspects of God's dwelling place are reviewed, from the tabernacle in the wilderness to the temples of Solomon, Zerubabel and Herod, through to the New Jerusalem. The spiritual aspects are shown to be from before the creation, through the present church, until the point when death is swallowed up in victory, and God becomes All in all." 184 pages. $14.95
God’s Ultimate (#1223) by A. E. Saxby (1873-1960). (fc) Paperback. 222 pages. $19.95
Grace Tabernacle Studies (#1094). This booklet contains two articles written two former teachers at the Grace Tabernacle, Almont, MI. (1) George L. Rogers’ study is entitled, Race-wide Condemnation and Vivification and (2) E. Lynwood Crystal’s article, Correctly Partitioning the Word of Truth. Paperback. 32 pages. $3.95
The Great Contrast (#1513) William B. Hallman (1903-1973). It is an absolute necessity to “Distinguish between the things that differ” (Philippians 1:10) if we are to escape all the confusion and the delusion present on every hand. To unite what God has separated is just as gross a violation of His Will and Word as it is to separate what He has united. (fc) Paperback. 36 pages. $3.95
The Great Revelation: Or, God’s Love, Purpose and Plan (#1346) John H. Paton (1843-1922). This has been written with the knowledge that it presents a view of God's “Great Revelation” of His “Love, Purpose, and Plan,” that has not been seen by the majority of Christians. It has not been written, however, in the spirit of contention or strife, but of love and goodwill for all, and of fellowship for all who love our Lord Jesus Christ, whatever their view of his work may be. As said the Psalmist and an Apostle: “I believe, therefore have I spoken. – Paton. (fc) Paperback. 98 pages. $9.95
A Harmony of Passion Week: "A Confrontation with the Truth" (#1886) by Loyal F. Hurley (1886-1967). Paperback. 16 pages. $3.95
How to Study the Bible (#1650) Otis Wasson (1900-1983). It was neglect of “rightly dividing the Word of truth” (II Timothy 2:15) that brought the dark ages. “Justification by Faith” and “The Mystery” were put aside soon after the death of the Apostles. (fc) Paperback. 90 pages. $9.95
The Image and Likeness of God (#0752) by Melvin E. Johnson (1897-1979). Paperback. 230 pages. $19.95
An Introductory Essay to Jeremiah White’s “The Restoration of All Things” (#1551) David Thom (1795-1862). (fc) Paperback. 112 pages. $11.95
Is Hell Eternal or, Will God’s Plan Fail? (#0677) by Charles H. Pridgeon (1863-1932). “Our readers will rejoice with us at [this] publication by Charles H. Pridgeon, President of the Pittsburgh Bible Institute. A firm stand is taken for the salvation of all, based on the doctrine of the eons as revealed in the Scriptures. Many other books on this subject, lacking the light which the doctrine of the eons brings, have never seemed sufficiently conclusive to carry conviction to those who wish a scriptural basis for their belief.” – A.E. Knoch, Unsearchable Riches. Reprint of the 1920 edition. Paperback, 344 Pages. $21.95
It is Written: Meditations Upon the Sacred Scriptures (#1063) by Cecil J. Blay (1906-1976) “We feel certain that you would find these meditations helpful as well as useful to give out to others. It consists of twenty-two edifying messages pointing to the power of the Scriptures as the sword of the spirit. Devotional material has been in the past somewhat lacking in our literature. ” – Unsearchable Riches. Blay was a British associate of A.E. Knoch. He was co-editor with Melvin E. Johnson of the periodical Treasures of Truth. (fc) paperback, 130 pages $12.95
The King and the Kingdom in History and Prophecy (#0646) by William B. Hallman. Paperback. 42 pages $4.95
The Lake of Fire & The Consummation (#1377) Warren Young Kimball (1909-2002). (fc) Paperback. 52 pages. $6.95
The Life of Sir Robert Anderson & Lady Agnes Anderson (#0684) by A. P. Moore-Anderson (their son), 190 pages, Paperback $19.95
The Living and True God & The Son of the Living God (#0721), by Adlai Loudy (1893-1984). Paperback. 52 pages. $6.95
The Lord’s Table: On the Table of Your Heart (#0660) by Robert M Giles. Paperback. 118 pages. $11.95
The Lost Precious Gem (#1759) J. C. O'Hair (1876-1958). This precious gem is the Divine message and program, for which the apostle Paul was an ambassador in bonds, for which Paul suffered as an evil doer. He called this particular Divine truth, “the mystery of Christ,” “the mystery of the gospel,” “the mystery of God's will,” and “the dispensation of the mystery.” Paperback. 66 Pages. (fc) $8.95
Modern History of Universalism: Extending from the Epoch of the Reformation to the Present Time (#1193 ) by Thomas Whittemore (1800-1861). This is Volume 1 (the 1860 expanded European portion of the 1830 Edition). The Modern History of Universalism was among Whittemore’s most important works. It was designed to be the companion work to The first edition was published in 1830. It deals with Universalist developments from the Protestant Reformation in Europe and then in America. Over the next thirty years Whittemore greatly expanded this history. In 1860 he published the first of what was to be a two-volume set. This first volume deals with European developments from the time of the Reformation. A second volume was to deal with American developments. He died a year later leaving the second volume unfinished. The 1830 single-volume edition remains the only current source of his work extending into the American history of Universalism. Volume 1 of the 1860 edition is a tremendous expansion of the European content contained in the 1830 edition. An avid student of Universalist history would require both the 1830 and 1860 editions. (fc) paperback, 408 pages $23.95
Select Writings of John Essex: Volume 1 (#1070) by John Henry Essex. (fc) Paperback, 104 Pages. $10.95
A Selection of Spiritual Songs & Meditations (#2008) by John Henry Essex (1907-1991). The song sections do not have noted music, rather they use hymn meters, thus indicating the number of syllables for the lines in each stanza of the song. This allows the matching of a hymn's text with appropriate tunes for singing. (fc) Paperback. 84 Pages. $9.95
The Simple Story of the Universe: Revealing the Reasons for Everything (#1728) William W. Bentley, Jr. (1911-1988). “The title is a fitting one for this overview of God’s plan of the ages. Certain events of history, as well as of the future, have been selected and described in a series of short scenes.” - Unsearchable Riches. Paperback. 90 Pages. (fc) $9.95
The Meaning and Usage of “Gospel” in the Scriptures (#0608) by Adlai Loudy (1893-1984). Paperback. 54 pages. $6.95
Outcalled of Jesus Christ (#1278) by Warren Young Kimball (1909-2002). Kimball, a prolific author, was an associate of A. W. Knoch and director of the Eonian Evangel Foundation. 44 Scripture lessons concerning the Ecclesia commonly termed “Church” which is the “Body of Christ.” (fc) Paperback. 188 pages. $16.95
Pillars of Truth from the Book of Romans (#1041) by Guy Spencer Marks (1899–1989). “A helpful series based on Romans.”-Unsearchable Riches. 120 pages, Paperback. $11.95
Poems (#1001) William R. Newell (1868-1956). A collection of poems written by Newell. Paperback. 40 pages. $4.95
A Pocket Cyclopedia: Brief Explanations of Religious Terms as Understood by Universalists (#1407) J.W. (John Wesley) Hanson (1823-1901). This book aims to furnish inquirers with a handy manual in which they can find answers to questions frequently asked as to the views of Universalists on the different points of Christian theology. No attempt at elaborate exposition or proof is made; but brief, plain statements are given, indicating the views held by our people on subjects of interest. (fc) Paperback. 90 pages. $4.95
Presenting the Truth in Love: In Memoriam of A.E. Knoch (1874-1965). (#1874) This word consists of seven short chapters: (1) Presenting the Truth in Love – A.E. Knoch; (2) My Father – As I Remember Him – Ernest O. Knoch; (3) Knoch and His Work: A Biographical Sketch by a Close Friend and Long Time Associate – Edward H. Clayton; (4) My Brethren Background – A.E. Knoch; (5) Musings On Mount Olivet – A.E. Knoch; (6) Be Confirmed in the Faith – A.E. Knoch; (7) The Funeral Message – Herman H. Rocke. Paperback. 50 pages. $4.95
The Promises to the Fathers (#2047) by George L. Rogers (1869-1947). Paperback. 34 pages. $3.95
The Purpose of God’s Will (#1254) Guy Marks (1899-1989). (fc) Paperback, 350 pages. $22.95
Paul’s Ephesians: Part 1, Chapters 1-3 (#0592), by Adlai Loudy (1893-1984). Paperback. 96 pages. $9.95
Paul’s Five Ministries (#1247) by Adlai Loudy (1893-1984). (fc) Paperback. 84 pages. $9.95
Reconciliation: A Research Magazine 1942-1943 (#1056) Editors: Joseph E. Kirk & Howard N. Bunce. Paperback. 84 pages. $9.95
The Restoration of All Things (#1544) Jeremiah White (1629-1707). (fc) Paperback. 226 pages. $19.95
The Sabbath in Scripture (#1605) John Butler. An enlightening study by an associate of A.E. Knoch. (fc) Paperback. 34 pages. $3.95
ScriptuResearch Study Sheets (#1186) by Frank Neil Pohorlak (1907-1988). This is a wonderful collection of valuable study handouts from Dr. Pohorlak’s Bible classes. (fc) spiral, 350 pages. $29.95
Search the Scriptures (#1384) Warren Young Kimball (1909-2002). An explanation of 132 key scriptural terms and names used in the New Testament. (fc) Paperback. 116 pages. $11.95
The Second Death: An Enquiry into its Meaning and Operation (#1582) A. E. Saxby (1873-1960) (fc) Paperback. 34 pages. $3.95
Select Writings of Edward Clayton: Volume 1 (#1087) Paperback. 58 pages. $7.95
The Short Works of William B. Hallman (#1506) William B. Hallman. Contents: Complete in Christ; Flowers and Birds of the Bible; From Guilt to Glory through Grace; A Study of the Book of Ruth; In the Heavenlies (Ephesians); Introduction to the Psalms; The Lord’s Prayer: It’s Historical Place and Dispensational Purpose; A Metaphor of the Mystery: The Body of Christ; Satan’s Greatest Surprise; The Unsearchable Riches of Christ in the Dispensation of the Secret; The Uniqueness of Our Calling. (fc) Paperback. 110 pages. $10.95
Some Writings of F. H. Robison (#1148) by Fredri Homer Robison (1885-1932). Robison, also the author of the work Are the Bride and the Body Identical?”, was a faithful associate of A. E. Knoch and George Rogers. (fc) Paperback, 130 Pages. $12.95
A Study on Pentecost & The Gift of Tongues (#0981) Tom Ballinger. Paperback. 50 pages. $7.95
A Study on Right Division (#0967) Tom Ballinger. Paperback. 70 pages. $9.95
Studies in Acts (#1704) H. W. (Herman William) Martin (1883-1959). One of the least understood books in the Scriptures is the Book of Acts. It is usually treated as a history of the early “church,” but the Body of Christ is not the subject of that book. What then is the Book of Acts? Such is the subject of this work from an associate of A.E. Knoch. This extensive series ran for a decade in the Unsearchable Riches (1921-1931). Knoch’s longstanding desire was that this series appear in book form. Granting his desire, these many decades later, we’re pleased to present this facsimile publishing of this lengthy series as a book. Paperback. 48 Chapters. 502 Pages. (fc) $24.95
Studies in Paul's Epistle to the Romans: Volume 1, Chapters 1-8 (#1032) by George L. Rogers (1869-1947). “This book is an exhaustive study of the first eight chapters of Romans, including pertinent questions at the end of each chapter, which serve to help the student evaluate his reading.” - Ernest Knoch. Paperback. 654 pages. $24.95
Studies in Romans (#1315) by W. Leon Tucker (1871-1934). A classic dispensational commentary on Romans. (fc) Paperback. 104 pages. $10.95
Systematic Studies in the Scriptures (#0615) by Adlai Loudy (1893-1984). A collection of three works: (1) The Sacred Scriptures; (2) How to Study the Scriptures; (3) Who are "the Saints" of the Scriptures? (Loudy), Paperback. 60 pages. $6.95
These Are God’s Sons (#1391) Warren Young Kimball (1909-2002). This book was the product of an intense desire of more than thirty years to tell the story of the Evangel of Christ, and more particularly the “Secret of the Calling on High in Christ Jesus.” (fc) Paperback. 134 pages. $12.95
Thoughts by the Way (#1131) by Donald George Hayter (1911-1988). Hayter, of Bournemouth England, was an associate of John H. Essex. (fc) Paperback, 32 Pages. $3.95
Time and Eternity: A Biblical Study (#1025) by G. T. Stevenson. Paperback. 74 pages. $9.95

To Know Him (#1292) by Warren Young Kimball (1909-2002). Kimball, a prolific author, was an associate of A. W. Knoch and director of the Eonian Evangel Foundation. This is 42 lessons on the Lord Jesus Christ from Matthew to Revelation. (fc) Paperback. 154 pages. $13.95

The Tracts of Joseph E. Kirk (#1599) Joseph E. Kirk. Kirk was gifted at condensing Scripture truths into short understandable presentations. This is a collection of his widely circulated tracts. They are great learning tools of truth. (fc) Paperback. 94 pages. $9.95
Treasures of Truth: Volume 1 (#0738) by Cecil J. Blay & Melvin E. Johnson (1897-1979). “Provides a rich feast of spiritual food for its readers.” – Unsearchable Riches Paperback. 342 pages. $19.95
Universal Restoration: Four Dialogues Between a Minister and His Friend (#0691) Elhanan Winchester (1751-1797). (fc) Paperback. 276 pages. $19.95
Universalism: The Prevailing Doctrine of the Christian Church - During the First Five Hundred Years (#1230) by J.W. (John Wesley) Hanson (1823-1901). (fc) paperback, 328 pages. $22.95
The Unsearchable Riches of Christ (#1735) J. C. O'Hair (1876-1958). This extensive volume is dedicated to saints of God who know the meaning of II Timothy 1:8: “Be thou not therefore ashamed of the testimony of our Lord, nor of me His prisoner; but be thou partaker of the afflictions of the gospel according to the power of God.” Paperback. 392 Pages. $19.95
What is Sectism? Is it a Sin or a Virtue? (#0745) by E.A. (Edward Alfred) Larsen (1884-1978). This work “takes up such matters as the basis of fellowship, definition of a sect and common motives in their formation, and the unity of the saints from a Scriptural viewpoint.” – Unsearchable Riches. Paperback. 42 pages. $4.95
“With Him” or, Studies in the Epistle to the Ephesians (#1322) by W. Leon Tucker (1871-1934). A classic dispensational commentary on Ephesians. (fc) Paperback. 124 pages. $11.95
The Writings of Alan Burns (#1711) Alan Burns was born 1884 in Philadelphia, PA, but spent his youth in Ireland, where he was associated with the Salvation Army and the Plymouth Brethren. At about twenty-one years of age he went to New York City. Being, an earnest seeker after truth and a student of the Scriptures, he became interested in the teaching of Dr. E.W. Bullinger (1837-1913), and was strongly attracted to Vladimir Gelesnoff (1877-1921), when he began his ministry in New York. Gelesnoff considered him the best gospel preacher he had ever heard. With the help of a few friends, who did the printing, Burns started Grace and Glory, a little magazine which gave promise of much good. For lack of support, it languished and soon ceased, to be followed, not long afterwards, by Unsearchable Riches, which virtually took its place. Burns became a valued contributor to the earlier volumes of Unsearchable Riches. The logical and powerful introductory articles in A.E. Knoch’s (1874-1965) book All in All were written by him. Paperback. 318 Pages. $19.95

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