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The Absolute Sovereignty of God (#2435). The is a comprehensive compilation. This quintessential book victoriously celebrates and convincingly proclaims the absolute sovereignty of God. Sadly, religion has veiled the truth of the God of the Bible, making Him either an aloof deity, indifferent to the condition of the creation, or one who is at the worst cruel or at the least unloving and uncaring. Yet the loving Deity of Sacred Scripture always has had and will have sole and complete control over His entire creation. This ultimate collection of 100 works by 34 authors spans nearly 175 years. It is an extensive reference work that is essential for every library. Paperback. 478 pages. $19.95
The Administration of the Secret (A Comprehensive Compilation). The Secret Administration, revealed through Ephesians and Colossians, is characterized and empowered by the dispensation of transcendent grace (Ephesians 1:7; 2:7; 3:2). Now, believing Gentiles are “no longer guests and sojourners” as they were in the Pentecostal and Readjustment Administrations, but are “fellow-citizens of the saints and members of God’s family” (Ephesians 2:19). This outstanding work includes 45 chapters, by 17 authors, spanning nearly 200 years. Author’s include: Oscar M. Baker, Tom L. Ballinger , J. R. Caldwell, E. H. Clayton, J.J.B. Coles, John Essex, J.H. Evans, H.W. Fry, Vladimir Gelesnoff, William B. Hallman, Richard Holden, John H. Kessler, A.E. Knoch, Adlai Loudy, Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr., and Charles H. Welch. 308 Pages. (#2863) Hardcover $29.95, (#2862) Paperback $19.95

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The Body of Christ: Its Unity from Conception to Consummation. This is a significant compilation of 18 authors, 69 works, spanning over a century. Author’s include: Arthur P. Adams, Daniel Andersen, E.W. Bullinger, Alan Burns, Edward Clayton, F.W. Davis, John Essex, Stephen Hill, A.E. Knoch, E.A. Larsen, Aaron Locker, William Mealand, J.R. Miller, Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr., Frank Neil Pohorlak, Alan Reid and William B. Screws. 354 Pages.
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The Creation of Evil, Sin and Satan: A Compilation (#2954) The truth laid forth in this work should help us greatly in our dealings others, especially those who have failed in some way which may bring dishonor on His Name, or cannot accept His truth, or even oppose it and us, especially mature teachings such as is put forth in the pages of this book. It contains 19 authors, 49 works, spanning 150 years. Authors include: Arthur P. Adams, E.W. Bullinger, Alan Burns, Edward Clayton, John Essex, H.W. Fry, Vladimir Gelesnoff, Norman P. Grubb, Donald G. Hayter, A. E. Knoch, William Mealand, André Piet, Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr., Ray Van Dyke, William H. Walker, and James Webb. Paperback. 302 Pages. $19.95
The Curse of Coniah and Christ’s Genealogy  The virgin birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ, was an absolute necessity, judging from the genealogies. At first glance the opposite seems to be the logical deduction. Why should His descent be traced back to David and Abraham unless He was their natural Heir? Why go back to Adam unless He had a perfect pedigree? Authors include: John Cale, Joseph Hartill, A.E. Knoch and Fred Meldau. 76 Pages.
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The Divine Reconciliation of the Universe: A Comprehensive Compilation (#2947) This work does not contend for a mere doctrine; its authors are championing the revealed character of God. The gloomy cloud of theology has obscured Him from us for far too long. Tradition’s chilling mists have cooled our enjoyment of His power, wisdom and grace. Religions have libeled His name, repelling the instinctive responses of our heart. Christianity has left us unable to defend His honor in the presence of His enemies. Now all of this is gone and we are able to vindicate Him in all His ways before all His creatures! – Adapted from the Preface

This ultimate collection of 110 works by 46 authors spans nearly 200 years. It is an extensive compilation that is essential for every library. Authors include: Arthur P. Adams, Thomas Allin, Alan Burns, E. H. Clayton, Bob Evely, Phillip Garrison, Vladimir Gelesnoff, J. W. Hanson, Joseph E. Kirk, A. E. Knoch, Arthur C. Lamb, Aaron Locker, Adlai Loudy, Andrew Maclarty, R.B. Macnab, Erasmus Manford, H. W. Martin, Robert McLaurine, Robert McMahon, William Mealand, André Piet, Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr., Frank Neil Pohorlak, George W. Quinby, William C. Rebmann, F. H. Robison, A.E. Saxby, Hannah Whitall Smith, André Sneidar, James Strahan, E. F. Stroeter, Thomas Talbott, Ray Van Dyke, and Peter Woodhouse.
Paperback. 640 Pages.
Doctrine of Substitution: An Erroneous Teaching #0400 This is an expose’ of Christianity’s erroneous doctrine of Substitution. Though it is widely accepted, it is not the teaching of Scripture. This is a compilation of authors, including: A.P. Adams, Vladimir Gelesnoff, Andrew J. Jukes, and A.E. Knoch. 70 page. PB $9.95

The Lord’s Supper: A Compilation (#2916) A dispensational consideration of whether or not the Lord’s Supper is necessary for today. Authors include Bert W. Hallman, John H. Kessler, Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr., R.B. Shiflet, Ike T. Sidebottom, and Charles H. Welch. Paperback. 70 Pages. $9.95


The New Birth: A Compilation (#2923) by Richard Jordan, A.E. Knoch, Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr., Howard Bunce, Edward Clayton, John Essex.  “Born Again” and “The New Birth” are among the many popular terms used by many believers. Although these terms are used by many dear brothers as being synonymous with salvation, they in fact have a very limited application, being used for the nation of Israel, and therefore are not “present truth” for the Body of Christ. Paperback. 48 Pages. $4.95
Paul the Apostle: His Acts and Post-Acts Ministries (A Comprehensive Compilation). (#2749) This ultimate dispensational collection of 97 works by 28 authors spans over 130 years. It is an extensive reference work that is essential for every library. Authors include: Sir Robert Anderson, Oscar Baker, A. E. Bishop, Robert C. Brock, E.W. Bullinger, J.J.B. Coles, E. H. Clayton, Vladimir Gelesnoff, Stephen Hill, Richard Holden, M. Jaegle, Win Johnson, A.E. Knoch, Adlai Loudy, William Mealand, D.L. McCroskey, William R. Newell, Alan Reid, Danny Russino, John D. LaVier, Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr., Frank Neil Pohorlak, A. A. Sandoz, R.B. Shiflet and Charles H. Welch. Paperback. 624 Pages. $29.95
The Present Truth Concerning Sign Gifts: A Comprehensive Compilation (#2930) 11 authors, 18 chapters, spanning nearly 150 years. Authors include A.E. Bishop, Robert C. Brock, E.W. Bullinger, Duane Gallentine, Win Johnson, Richard Jordan, A.E. Knoch, John LaVier, D.L. McCroskey, Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr., and André Sneidar. Paperback. 136 Pages. $12.95
Prophetic Obsession in an Unprophesied Administration (#2398). A Collection of Works Concerning the Nature of Unfulfilled Prophecy. List of authors contained in this work are: Sir Robert Anderson (1841-1918) Cecil J. Blay (1906-1976) A.E. Knoch (1874-1965) J. Vernon McGee (1904-1988) Andrew Miller (1810-1883) Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727) Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr., and Otis Q. Sellers (1901-1992) C.R. Stam (1909-2003). Paperback. 62 Pages. $7.95



Rich Man and Lazarus, TheThe Ultimate Collection: A collection consisting of Eight Important Works:

The Rich Man and Lazarus: A Pillar of Parialism Shaken and Removed, by J.F. Witherell (1843)
The Rich Man and Lazarus, by E.W. Bullinger (1902)
The Rich Man and Lazarus, by Alan Burns (1915)
The Rich Man and Lazarus, by Otis Q. Sellers (1941)
The Rich Man and Lazarus as an Admission, by B. Davies (1955)
The Rich Man and Lazarus: Literal or Figurative? by Joseph E. Kirk (1961)
The Story of the Rich Man and Lazarus: Parable? or Literal History? by Ivan L. Burgener (2007)
The Rich Man and Lazarus, by Dan Kraemer (2010)

(#4625) 284 pages, Paperback $19.95

The Third Heaven - Our Celestial Destiny: A Comprehensive Compilation. (#2855)

11 authors, 31 chapters. Author’s include: Arthur P. Adams, Oscar M. Baker, John H. Essex, Vladimir Gelesnoff, Donald G. Hayter, A.E. Knoch, William Mealand, Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr., Frank Neil Pohorlak, and Charles H. Welch. -- Paperback. 212 Pages. $19.95


The Three Spheres of Glory: A Compilation (#2817) Very few know and understand the three spheres of age-abiding (or eonian) glory that belong to the three distinct classes of saints. For the first time this crucial compilation brings together five groundbreaking works from 3 valued authors of the past: Dr. E.W. Bullinger (1837-1913) Henry William Fry (1848-1939) Charles H. Welch (1880-1967). Facsimile Paperback. 80 Pages. $9.95
Water Baptism (#2909) This compilation work answers the question as to whether or not water baptism is a part of this current dispensation. Ten chapters from the following authors: Oscar M. Baker, Denis Durham, Stephen Hill, Richard Jordan, R. H. Lampkin, Kenneth J. Morgan, Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr., Ike T. Sidebottom. Paperback. 108 Pages. $9.95

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