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James Theodore Burson

Jim Burson is a graduate of Nazarene Theological Seminary. He pastored for six years in two congregations in northern Indiana and central Ohio. He served three years as a Buckeye Boys Ranch counselor, and 32 years as the school/court liaison for the Columbus OH area. Mr. Burson has received six certificates from the National Association of Juvenile Justice" and is now retired from the Franklin County Ohio Board of Education after thirty two years of service. Most importantly, he is a committed member to the Body of Christ, married, with two sons.


The Cataclysmic Prophecies of the Jews and Their Divine Purpose (#0448) by James T. Burson. A look at the localized nature of Jewish prophecy. Once it is fully established in one's thinking that these regionalized Catastrophic Prophecies are directional not general, local not global, specific in objective and not universally random, new and greater truths will come into beautiful clarity.  The old errors will be seen for what they are and the new vision of an intelligent Deity who works all for the best of both great and small, good and evil, will wash over their hearts like a spring rain, following a cold winter, as the Living God has done over a once dying race. ISBN: 978-1-6204-044-8

Original 2015 Edition (#0448) 403 pages, 6x9 paperback. $19.95
Expanded 2021 Scholars’ Edition (#4415) 442 pages, 8½x11 paperpack. $32.95

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Humanity in the Arms of a Loving Savior: and Important Related Matters

(#1026) by – James T. Burson. The chapters of this book are connected in this singular manner; always, there is the attempt to display the grandeur of God’s purpose in creation. Never, is it proposed that God had a good idea which went awry and thereafter He supposedly has been picking up the pieces. Our confidence, as believers, may always be premised upon an over-riding assurance that God does not behave like a mortal, being hesitant, exasperated, indecisive, or hoping for the best outcome. This volume expresses the author’s confidence in a far greater outcome of the entire human epoch, than that which is generally proposed to the world. The flow of human history will not end in a groan, rather, a crescendo of praise by all, to a true God of love and mercy. God will not only win but He will radiate His victory over absolutely all that he has made; no other truth can settle the heart like this. Paperback, 328 pages $14.95




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