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7525   Classic Note Bible - Interleaved (KJV) Black  Leather (Genuine) 99.95
7634   Bullinger’s Companion Bible (KJV) Black Leather (Bonded) 82.95
7787   Bullinger’s Companion Bible (KJV) Burgundy Leather (Bonded) 82.95
7591   Bullinger’s Companion Bible (Hardback) (KJV) Burgundy Hardcover 54.95
7768   Bullinger’s Companion Bible (KJV) Black  Leather (Genuine)  


  Bullinger’s Companion Bible (Tabletop Edition)   (KJV)

Enlarged Type Hardback


0769   Bullinger’s Companion Bible (New Testament) (KJV) Enlarged Type PAPERBACK! 34.95
Concordant Literal New Testament A helpful reference tool, making you aware of distinct Greek words. 624 pages.
Paperback 19.95
4260 Concordant Version: Paul’s Epistles – This is a page-for-page photographic enlargement of the typeset pages of Paul’s epistles taken from The Concordant Literal New Testament, reproduced on 8-1/211 sheets. Wide margins are afforded for notes. This edition is useful not only for partially sighted readers but as well for those wishing to have study sheets of Paul’s epistles available for notebook use. 144 pages, Large Print. Spiral Bound 12.95


Concordant Literal New Testament A helpful reference tool, making you aware of distinct Greek words. Hardback w/ Keyword Concordance 992 pages. Available in (Blue or White).
Hardback w/ Keyword Concordance 29.95
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Concordant Literal Old Testament: Complete One Volume Large Print Edition -A helpful reference tool, making you aware of distinct Hebrew words. 1736 pages. (7 x 10).

(7 x 10.5)

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Dabhar Translation: The Writ of the New Covenant The Dabhar (pronounced “Davar”), reprinted by permission exclusively for our students, was a work of over 40 years in the making. First released in 2005, it is a hyper-literal concordant translation of the Greek Scriptures into English. 478 pages.
(8 x 10)  
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Emphatic Diaglott, The: The Book of Acts & Paul’s Epistles    by Benjamin Wilson. This is a Greek Interlinear with a literal English Translation. Contains: illustrative and explanatory footnotes, a copious selection of references, and a valuable alphabetical appendix. Fascimile of this 1864 classic with enlarged type, 374 pages, 8x11.


Etymological New Testament: An ultra literal translation of the Bible Translator: John Michael Wine. In this translation God is rendered “Placer.” Etymology is not meaning, but it provides fascinating information about the literal words of the Bible. Thus, the meaning of the Greek word adelphos is “brother,” but its etymology is “same-uterus,” from its two Greek components. The insights provided in this translation are thought provoking. 350 pages.
Paperback 21.95




The Holy Bible in Modern English (1909) Commonly Known as the Ferrar Fenton Bible by Ferrar Fenton. Translates Matthew 25:46 as: “And these He will dismiss into a long correction, but the well-doers to an enduring life.” Fenton explained how he came to take up this arduous work: “In the year 1853 there was a resolve to study the Bible absolutely in its original languages, to ascertain what its writers actually said and taught. I at once threw myself into the stream of the suggestion and registered a vow that I would never again read the Scriptures in any language but Greek and Hebrew, until I had learned to think in those languages and they had become as familiar to me as the dictation of an English newspaper.”


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James Moffatt Translation by James Moffatt (1870-1944) was born and educated in Glasgow, Scotland, and spent the early years of his career as a pastor in the Free Church of Scotland. In 1911 he became Professor of Greek and New Testament Exegesis at Mansfield College, Oxford, and subsequently served at the United Free Church College, Glasgow, and at Union Theological Seminary, New York, as Washburn Professor of Church History. Moffatt took a leading role in the preparation of the Revised Standard Version (1946) as well as writing numerous books on biblical textual criticism. Moffatt is best remembered, however, for single-handedly translating the Bible. His New Testament was printed in 1913, followed by the Old Testament in 1924. Both translations were revised and reprinted together in 1935 and popularly known as Moffatt's Bible. 10 point font size. 1560 pages.



Jonathan Mitchell New Testament This literal translation offers the reader multiple renderings of words, phrases, and clauses. Each verse is in boldface, for one complete translation of the verse, with alternate readings presented parenthetically. It also provides interpretive paraphrase where the literal rendering of the Greek text seems awkward, or uncertain. 650 pages.




The Letters of St. Paul – by Arthur S. (Sanders) Way (1847-1930). The object of this 1906 version of Paul’s Letters is to set before English readers, not so much a translation in modern English, as one in which (1) the meaning of the original swill not be obscured by the condensed literality of a word-for-word rendering such as is adopted in the Authorized and Revised Versions, and (2) the connection of thoughts, the sequence of subjects, the continuity of the argument, shall, by the supply of the necessary links, be made throughout clear to the reader, without his having recourse to notes or a commentary. Facsimile, 282 pages.
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Nathaniel Scarlett New Testament Translated by Nathaniel Scarlett (1753-1802); Associate Editors: James Creighton (1736–1819), William Vidler (1758-1816), John Cue. A “Universalist” translation. For details see the work cited by Joseph E. Kirk (1903-1974) in the Bible Student’s Notebook #853 “The Triumph of Jesus Christ As Set Forth in the Nathaniel Scarlett Translation of the New Testament. Facsimile of the original 1798 Edition
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Parallel Literal New Testament
Vol 1: The Circumcision Scriptures (Matthew-John, Hebrews-Revelation)
Vol 2: Acts and Paul’s Epistles
Includes: Concordant, Dabhar, Rotherham, Young

Note: This is a plain text edition and therefore does not carry the special marking aids commonly associated with these versions (variant type and symbols).


(8 1/2 x 11)


Choose a volume to order:
Rotherham’s Emphasized Bible – by Joseph Bryant Rotherham. (1828–1910). A literal translation with symbols to assist the non-reader of Greek and Hebrew in discovering the force and intent of the original. A literal ranslation that uses “age-abiding” instead of “everlasting.” Rotherham was a British biblical scholar and minister. He was an editor with James Sangster and Co., and of The Rainbow, a monthly magazine. He was a friend of G. Campbell Morgan and C.H. Spurgeon.
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Scofield Study Bible This is the Oxford #291RL black bonded KJV, red-letter, Classic Scofield Bible with the 1917 notes. The subject-based topical reference system helps readers follow themes throughout the entire Bible. Each book includes an introduction, outline subheadings and a chronology. There is a dictionary of proper names used in Scripture. Twelve pages of full color Bible maps aid in understanding the world of Bible times. 1632 pages. 8 point type.

Bonded Leather 8.75 x 6 x 1.25.





The Twentieth Century New Testament
Though not always consistent (concordant) in its translation this 1904 edition is a “non-hell” New Testament. It translates hades as “Grave” and “Place of Death,” gehenna as “Pit,” and tartaros as “caverns.” It uses the word “aeonian” at times: “These last will go away into aeonian punishment, but the righteous into aeonian life” (Matthew 25:46). Facsimile, 558 pages.
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Weymouth New Testament in Modern Speech: The Resultant Greek Testament in English – by Richard Francis Weymouth (reprint of the 1903 edition).


(8 1/2 x 11)



Weymouth New Testament in Modern Speech: The Resultant Greek Testament in English  - by Richard Francis Weymouth (reprint of the 1903 edition).


(8 1/2 x 11)



Young’s Literal Translation of the Bible. This is Robert Young’s 3rd and last edition of his translation (1898). Being a strictly literal translation makes it the perfect study tool. Text is done in 9 point print, which is larger and easier to read than the print sizes used in the past by other publishers.

Paperback or Hardcover


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