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Tom L. Ballinger

Tom L. Ballinger, born in Dallas, TX, graduated from Southern Methodist University in 1954. He played professional baseball for several years before being drafted into the U.S. Army. Afterward he entered a career in business. In 1966 he, along with Murry Evans, started the Berean Chapel in Mobile, AL and began holding the annual Gulf Coast Bible Conference. 1968 he launched his periodical Plainer Words, which he published for twenty-one years. He also conducted a daily radio program, The Present Truth Broadcast, for ten years in some of the major radio markets.

Books available by Tom L. Ballinger:

The Believer’s Hope Today (#2360) by Tom Ballinger. A look at the believer’s “blessed hope” at Christ’s appearing as contrasted with “the hope of Israel” in the Acts period.  "In this study we will show you that the hope that Paul wrote about in I Thessalonians 4 and I Corinthians 15 is found not only in the Old Testament Scriptures, but was taught by Jesus Christ in His earthly ministry in Matthew 24 and other places." 978-1-62904-052-3, Paperback, 60 pages, $6.95
The Hope of Paul’s Acts Epistles (#0025) by Tom L. Ballinger. A brief consideration of the believers’ hope as recorded in the epistles of Paul written during the Acts-Period. 38 pages. Paperback. $4.95

A Study on Pentecost & The Gift of Tongues (#0981) Tom Ballinger. Paperback. 50 pages. $7.95

A Study on Right Division (#0967) Tom Ballinger. Paperback. 70 pages. $9.95

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