Bluegrass Cardinals
With their gorgeous harmonies and virtuoso playing, the Bluegrass Cardinals were one of the best-loved and most influential bands in bluegrass. Founded in the mid-seventies. The Cardinals’ contemporary take on traditional bluegrass music sounds as vibrant and fresh today as it did when they burst on the scene, making fans of legends such as Lester Flatt. This generous song selection was hand picked by David Parmley and represents the Bluegrass Cardinals at the height of their career. When they moved from the west coast to Virginia in the mid 1970's, The Bluegrass Cardinals took the east coast bluegrass scene by storm, and immediately established themselves nationally as a top name band. The Cardinals are well known for the perfect balance they achieve between solid tasteful picking (featuring Don Parmley on the banjo) and beautiful vocal harmonies, featuring the powerful voice of David Parmley With their gorgeous harmonies and virtuoso playing, the Bluegrass Cardinals were one of the best-loved and most influential bands in bluegrass.





Essential Bluegrass Cardinals, The: The Definitive Collection

This is a treasure trove of bluegrass gems recorded between 1978 and 1981, with many songs presented on CD for the first time ever. 24 Songs!

  • 1  Knee Deep in Lovin' You, 2.30
  • 2  I Wonder Where You Are Tonight, 2.38
  • 3  Blue is the Color of Lonesome, 2.33
  • 4  I've Had a Time, 3.04
  • 5  32 Acres, 3.04
  • 6  Morristown, 3.42
  • 7  Where Rainbows Touch Down, 3.42
  • 8  The Old Man in the Park, 2.02
  • 9  Mountain Laurel, 2.07
  • 10  With Half a Heart, 2.58
  • 11  Don't Give Up On Me, 4.27
  • 12  Shine Hallelujah Shine, 2.10
  • 13  Carpenter of Wood, 4.30
  • 14  Crossing of Jordan, 2.58
  • 15  Angels Rock Me to Sleep, 2.25
  • 16  Sweet Hour of Prayer, 3.56
  • 17  The First Time I Heard About Heaven, 5.01
  • 18  Pretty Red Wing, 1.48
  • 19  Eighteen Wheels, 3.05
  • 20  Don’t Come Running, 2.15
  • 21  Jubilee Road, 3.27
  • 22  I Know it's Wrong to Love You, 3.13
  • 23  Lee Berry Rye, 2.08
  • 24  Uncle Billy Play Your Fiddle For Me, 2.59

CD (#5613) $24.95

Bluegrass Cardinals, The

The album that stated it all

  1. Bird Dog
  2. Girl At the Crossroads Bar
  3. I Couldn't Believe It Was True
  4. Prisoner's Song
  5. Where No One Stands Alone
  6. Are You Missing Me
  7. Leaving Harlan
  8. There Is A Fountain
  9. My Aching Heart
  10. Never Ending Sea Of Love
  11. Rollin' On

CD $19.95

Mountain Girl

CD  (#4821) -  $19.95 

My Kinda Grass
  1. Our Last Goodbye
  2. It's In My Mind To Wander
  3. Martha
  4. He Will Take You In
  5. Sweet Love Of Mine
  6. I Won't Be Around
  7. Fickle Wind
  8. Never Was Enough
  9. Mary Of The Wild Moor
  10. Righteous Prayer
  11. His Child On Earth

CD  (#4822) -  $19.95 





The Shining Path

"Destined to be a role model by which future gospel endeavors will be measured." -Bluegrass Unlimited

Out-Of-Print (but looking for some :) 

  1. Wash the Feet of Jesus
  2. Bring Him Your Talents
  3. Just Let Me Fall
  4. Live Beyond the Grave
  5. Shining Path
  6. My Lord's Been A-Walkin'
  7. I Will
  8. Way Down Deep in My Soul
  9. The Carpenter Shop
  10. What Would I Do Without Your Son?
  11. That's the Way I Want to Go
  12. The Land of the Living
  13. A-Packin' Up and Gettin' Ready








Sunday Mornin' Singin'  - Bluegrass Cardinals

      CD (#5610) $19.95

Gather round for some of the prettiest Bluegrass Gospel Quartet harmonies ever recorded. Lead by the father and son team of Don and David Parmley (now of Continental Divide), the Bluegrass Cardinals are legendary for their remarkable singing and harmonies. SUNDAY MORNIN’ SINGIN’, their now classic 1980 album, is one of the finest examples of their inspirational talents. Presented on CD and digitally re-mastered for the first time ever, and featuring seven bonus gospel tracks, SUNDAY MORNIN’ SINGIN’ is a must-have for bluegrass and gospel collectors and fans.

  1. Sunday Mornin' Singin'
  2. Crossing Of Jordan
  3. He Is Near
  4. Carpenter Of Wood
  5. Shine Hallelujah Shine
  6. March Around The Throne
  7. Touch Of God's Hand, The
  8. Angels Rock Me To Sleep
  9. From Cradle To Cross To Crown
  10. Just A Little Talk With Jesus
  11. Sailing For Glory
  12. Sweet Hour Of Prayer
  13. First Time I Heard About Heaven, The
  14. Where Rainbows Touch Down
  15. I Hope That My Lord Will Let Me In
  16. Old Fashioned Preacher, The - (live)
  17. Don't Give Up On Me - (bonus track)
  18. That's The Way I Want To Go - (live)




What Have You Done For Him

CD (#0316) $19.95 

CASS (#4519) Out-Of-Print (but looking for some :) 

  1. I’m Going That Way; Great Change
  2. I’ll Be Looking For You
  3. 64 Roses
  4. Let Me Walk By Your Side
  5. Some Morning Fair
  6. What Have You Done For...
  7. Gleams Of That Golden...
  8. Sing And Be Happy
  9. Give Mother My Crown
  10. Trouble The Waters
  11. God Put A Rainbow In...

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