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Harry Bultema


Harry Bultema was born in the Netherlands. Educated at Calvin College and Seminary in Grand Rapids, He pastored Christian Reformed churches in Iowa and Michigan. Personal studies led him to the conclusion that there is a difference between Christ as King of Israel and Christ as Head of the Church, which resulted in his becoming a dispensationalist and in the formation of the Berean Bible Church of Muskegon, MI, where he pastored for 31 years. He was a popular conference speaker in the United States and in the Netherlands. His desire to present the message of God’s grace in print led him into a prolific writing ministry.


Bible and Baptism, The (#3036). by Harry Bultema. Baptism is perhaps the most shunned and misunderstood of all Bible doctrines. This book is a verse by verse search into the biblical usage and meaning of baptism in all its forms. Very challenging and enlightening. 167pp. PB $19.95

Commentary on Daniel (#3119) by Harry Bultema. Comparable to the author’s work on Isaiah. 368pp. PB $20.95

Isaiah, Commentary On (#4264) by Harry Bultema. One of only a few premillennial commentaries available on this important Book. Focuses in on the key idea of each chapter, including such significant subjects as "The Suffering Savior," "The Last Days" and "The Coming Kingdom." This work is the result of intensive study. It is written from a premillennial, dispensational viewpoint, which emphasizes the coming Tribulation and the future glory of the nation Israel. 630pp. PB $24.95

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