Ethelbert William Bullinger was born on December 15 in Canterbury, England. He was a direct descendent of Johann Heinrich Bullinger, a theologian who succeeded Zwingli in Zurich in December of 1531.

Educated at King's College, London, he was a recognized scholar in the field of biblical languages. The Archbishop of Canterbury granted him an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree in 1881 in recognition of his biblical scholarship.

Ethelbert William Bullinger died on

June 6, 1913,

 in London, England.


 Available Books:


Works of E.W. Bullinger, Vol. I (#7150). 25 titles in one volume: Abraham Believed God; Christ’s Prophetic Teaching; The Christian’s Greatest Need; The Christian’s Standing, Object and Hope; Crucified with Christ; The Divine Names and Titles; God’s Church: Its Calling, Hope and Motive; God’s Purpose in Israel ; Importance of Accuracy in the Study of Holy Scriptures; The Knowledge of God; The Lord’s Day – A Study of Revelation 1:10; The Loss and Recovery of Truth; The Mystery – Secret Truth Revealed; The Names and Order of the Books of the O.T.; A New Creation; The Prayers of Ephesians; Prophetic Study – Its Importance and Interpretation; The Resurrection of the Body; The Rich Man and Lazarus, or, The Intermediate State; Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth; The Second Advent in Relation to the Jew; The Spirits in Prison – An Exposition of I Peter 3:17-4:6; Stablished – Strengthened – Settled; The Transfiguration; The Vision of Isaiah – Its Structure and Scope. 663 pages, paperback. $34.95

"Also" (#1035). This work consists of a listing and explanations of 378 New Testament passages where the word “also” may be ambiguous or misleading to the English reader. 83 pages, paperback. $9.95

Book Of Job, The (#3808). The oldest lesson in the world, as seen in the Book of Job, is that man’s way is not necessarily God’s way. Bullinger offers insights into God’s work in our lives, showing how the perfect workmanship of God is exhibited, even in times of great adversity. This lesson is essential to enjoying peace with God for time and eternity. The author also gives us a distinctive translation of the Book of Job with explanatory notes and follows the literary and critical style of the book. In addition, figures of speech and divine names and titles are given special attention. Every Bible student will find much practical help in this unique approach to the Book of Job. 224 pages, paperback. $19.95

Buddha of Christendom, The: A Book for the Present Crisis (#6213) by Sir Robert Anderson. The Reformers believed that the Bible should be the supreme standard of authority, whereas Rome taught that "the Church" was. These two differing viewpoints are still at odds in the days in which we live. One position is Christianity and the other is the religion of Christendom. Edited and Indexed by E.W. Bullinger. This was the original work published in 1899 that would later be the basis for a revised and enlarged work entitled The Bible or the Church in 1908 (also available from StudyShelf). Both volumes contain material not in the other. 206 pages, paperback. $19.95

Chief Musician, The: or Studies in the Psalms and their Titles (#4999). This book is a collection of studies in the Psalms and their titles. An in depth look at terms used in the titles, superscriptions and subscriptions. Originally appeared in Dr. Bullinger’s periodical Things to come. Reprint of the 1908 edition. 326 pages, paperback. $19.95
Christ's Prophetic Teaching: In Relation To The Divine Order of His Words And Works. (#4227). There have been many books written on the prophetic discourses of our Lord Jesus in the Gospels. However, Bullinger, with his distinctive and different insight, has approached these verses in a very different way. The Lord’s ministry was divided into four great periods, in each of which He was occupied with a particular subject. His ministry was occupied with four great subjects, and these were: (1) The Kingdom of Heaven: Its Character and Requirements; (2) Christ’s Person; (3) Christ’s Sufferings; (4) Christ’s Second Advent. This work considers the prophetic teaching in relation to each one of these subjects and concludes with a section on the testimony of the Church. 40 pages, booklet. $6.95
Church Epistles (#4101). In this book Bullinger defends all of Paul’s epistles as God’s unique revelation, expounding the great truth of the mystery, the Body of Christ. In this volume he focuses on Paul’s letters written to the churches. 316 pages, paperback. $19.95
Commentary on Revelation: The Apocalypse, or “The Day of the Lord” (#5616). A dispensational approach to the Book of Revelation, this book is both practical and profound. Bullinger shares his insights in a compelling and clear manner. The theme of the book (“The Day of the Lord”) is presented in this verse by verse study. “Our great fundamental proposition – which we may as well state at once – is, that The Church is not the subject of the Apocalypse. However startling this may sound and may seem to some of our readers, we implore you not to dismiss it, but to test the reasons we shall give by the Word of God itself, and to weigh them in “the balances of the sanctuary.” Try to forget all that you have ‘received by tradition,” and ask from whom you learned this or that. Be prepared and ready to unlearn anything that you may have received from men, and learn afresh from the Word of God itself.” – E.W. Bullinger. 348 pages, paperback. $18.95
Companion Bible. New Testament, enlarged type.


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Companion Bible Appendixes (Enlarged Type). (#4384) The full 198 appendices from the Companion Bible, printed separately. "We gladly acknowledge that the Companion Bible is in a class by itself ..." – 1/2 x 11 Format). 264pp. Now available in both Paperback and Spiralbound covers.


Critical Lexicon & Concordance to the English & Greek New Testament (#4319). English words appear in alphabetical order along with the equivalent Greek words, their literal and derivative meanings, and a list of passages in which they appear. Includes a comprehensive Greek-English index. 1040 pages, paperback. $54.95

Divine Names and Titles (#1141). This useful work deals with the principal Divine Names and Titles with their meaning, usage, and occurrences. In view of the fact that every name used for God has its own special meaning, and that the particular name used in any given case is often a key to the spirit of the context, this subject is one which the Bible student cannot afford to overlook. There is a mass of information compressed into this book. In addition to the many names and titles fully developed, there are numerous helpful suggestions to assist Bible students continue their own profitable study. 85 pages, paperback. $9.95
E.W. Bullinger: A Biography (#4801) by Juanita S. Carey. A behind-the-scenes look at the man who devoted his life to the careful analysis of the biblical text – a man rooted in the belief that the Bible truly is the written Word of God. A man who had one lifelong ambition: to search the word of God with diligence and faithfully pass on to others the truth he found there. 19 pictures. 316 pages, paperback. $19.95

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Figures of Speech Used In the Bible: Explained and Illustrated (#5169). Bible students have made serious blunders through the inattention to figures of speech, clouding the real meaning of many important passages of Scripture. Bullinger's work, first published in 1898, clarifies 217 distinct figures of speech used in the Bible. In systematic order, this classic gives the proper pronunciation of each figure of speech, its etymology or origin, and a number of Scripture passages where the figure of speech is used, giving full explanation of its use in each context. It cites nearly eight thousand Bible passages and includes five appendices and seven indexes, making it even more valuable as a reference tool. No other work approaches the scope and detail of this field of study. New type-set and size (8.5 x 11) and 534 pages, paperback. $44.95

Foundations of Dispensational Truth, The (#8335). 260 pages, paperback. $19.95
Giver and His Gifts, The: or, Holy Spirit And His Works, The (SEE under new title: "Word Studies on the Holy Spirit")
God's Church: It's Calling, Hope, and Motive (#1674). A study of the church, the Body of Christ. A look into our calling, hope, and motive for service. 44 pages, booklet. $5.95
God's Purpose In Israel: Illustrated in History, Type and Prophecy (#1734). Starting with the call of Abraham, progressing through Jacob and his twelve sons, and continuing through the rest of the Old Testament and much of the New, Bullinger does an excellent job is tracing God’s Purpose in Israel. If the importance of a subject can be measured by the amount of space given to it by God in the Scriptures, then this is one of the most important. Indeed to have a good overall understanding of the Bible, we must have some appreciation of God’s Purpose in Israel. 36 pages, booklet. $4.95
Great Cloud of Witnesses in Hebrews Chapter 11 (#3207). A great classic exposition of this famous and beloved passage, including an examination of the greatest heroes of the faith. Full of rich, practical applications. 472 pages, paperback. $22.95


How To Enjoy the Bible: or, The "Word" and "The Words", How to Study Them (#3242). A unique introduction to your study of God's Word. You’re guided in the adventure of open and honest study of the Scripture from within – allowing it to speak for itself. Twelve practical principles make inductive Bible study come alive. 472 pages, paperback. $19.95
Holiness: God's Way Better Than Man's. (Now available in "Short Papers (Volume 2)"
Hymns on the Second Advent (#2350). The song sections do not have noted music, rather they use hymn meters, thus indicating the number of syllables for the lines in each stanza of the song. This allows the matching of a hymn's text with appropriate tunes for singing. Facsimile Paperback. 108 pages, paperback. $10.95
The Importance of Accuracy in the Study of the Holy Scriptures (#1100). Error in premise equals error in conclusion. In this work Bullinger stresses the critical importance of accuracy when it comes to the study of Scripture.  56 pages, paperback.. $6.95
The Judgement Seat of Christ: An Impossible Judgment (#4057) E.W. Bullinger (1837-1913) (along with Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr. and David R. Hettema). What is the true meaning of the “Judgment Seat of Christ,” and will the members of Christ’s One Body be a part of it? 32 pages, paperback. $3.95
Isaiah: Its Structure and Scope (#1263). ISBN: 9781934251195 PB 69 pages, paperback.  $9.95
King Saul and the Witch of Endor: Did the Prophet Samuel Rise at Her Bidding? (#0027) by E.W. Bullinger (1837-1913). This is a short read yet full of intriguing and perhaps controversial ideas for you to consider. It also includes an appendix “The Witch of Endor,” by A.E. Knoch (1874-1965). 27 pages, paperback. $3.95

The Knowledge of God: His Revelation of Himself (#1817). How many of really know the God whom they worship? Do they really worship “the unknown god”? The true knowledge of God can be found only in the Bible and some of the highest revelation of Him is found in three of Paul’s later letters: Ephesians, Philippians and Colossians. However, as Christians become less familiar with the Bible there is a danger that the God they worship becomes the “god of their imagination.” 50 pages, booklet. $6.95
The Lord's Day: A Study of Revelation 1:10 (#1284). The object of this work is to give proof that the expression, “The Lord’s Day,” in the popular belief that indicates the first day of the week, has no scriptural basis. 48 pages, booklet. $6.95
The Mystery: Secret Truth Revealed (#1844). There is no subject of greater importance to the Church of God than that which, in the New Testament, is called "The Mystery." 5 Mysteries of the New Testament are carefully considers, with significance being placed upon the "Great" secret concerning "the Body of Christ." 68 pages, paperback. $9.95
The Name of Jehovah in the Book of Esther (#2800). This also includes Studies in the Book of Esther by Vladimir Gelesnoff. 56 pages, paperback. $7.95
The Names and Order of the Books of the Old Testament (#6216). To get back to the “original” is ever the endeavor of the careful Bible student. To find that he has followed in the study of the Holy Scriptures some man devised classification of the Sacred Writings is disheartening, yet such is the condition of all who have based spiritual thought and exegesis on the names and order of the books of the Old Testament as they appear in our Bibles. The “authority” for them is a human one dating back to about 300 B.C. How serious the original order and the original names were tampered with in this change is shown in this book, and the true names and order of all the books are clearly set forth as they appear in the original Hebrew, and in harmony with the Divine imprimatur of Luke 24:44. It will be seen at once that the information contained between the covers of this book is of vital importance as fundamental knowledge for the Bible Student. 68 pages, paperback. $9.95
Number in Scripture: Its Supernatural Design and Spiritual Significance (#4350). A complete synopsis of every significant number found in the Bible; one of the most famous and helpful reference books on numerics ever written. 320 pages, paperback. $15.95
The Prayers of Ephesians: We in Christ – Christ in Us (#4233). There are two longer prayers in the Epistle to the Ephesians, plus a shorter concluding one. The two longer prayers have a common subject, Jesus Christ and Believers. However, in the first prayer it is what God made Christ for us; in the second it is what God has made us in Christ. In other words; in the first it is "We in Christ, while in the second it is "Christ in Us". Also the first prayer deals with God's power which he wrought in Christ, while the second one deals with God's power which is at work in us. 50 pages, paperback. $7.95
Prophetic Study: It's Importance and Interpretation (#1974). What is the importance of prophecy? Why study it? How do we interpret the prophetic Scriptures? These are the themes of this short work. 34 pages, booklet. $6.95
The Resurrection of the Body: How the Dead Are Raised (#1375). The Bible has much to say about the resurrection of the body. In fact it is the hope of each and every believer in Christ - as Paul wrote in Philippians 3:20-21. That being the case, what does the Bible say about The Resurrection of the Body. When will this resurrection take place? How are they raised? With what bodies? These, and many other questions, Bullinger answers with his usual thorough and accurate handling of the Bible. 40 pages, booklet. $4.95
The Rich Man and Lazarus: The Intermediate State (#3127). It is the author's contention that when dealing with the subject of what happens at death, it is important that Christians confine themselves to what the Bible has to say and not turn to tradition. Some current views have more in common with the traditions taught by the Pharisees than with the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ. 64 pages, paperback. $9.95
Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth (See: "Short Papers Volume 1" – #1680)  
The Second Advent - Premillennial (#5450). 60 pages, booklet. $4.95
The Second Advent in Relation to the Jew (#6215). In his usual clarity and attention to detail, E. W. Bullinger demonstrates from the Scriptures that the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ is of far more relevance to Israel than to the church, the Body of Christ. 38 pages, booklet. $4.95
The Second Advent in Relationship to the Gentile (#4150). 48 pages, booklet. $4.95
Sheōl and Hadēs: Their Meaning and Usage in the Word of God (#1995). This is a detailed study of two key works (one Hebrew, one Greek) that have an unmistakable bearing on death. Paperback, 52 pages, paperback. $7.95
Short Papers (Volume 1) (#1680). 86 pages, paperback. $11.95


Chapter 1: "Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth"

Chapter 2: "The Christians Greatest Need"

Chapter 3: "Stablished-Strenthened-Settled"

Chapter 4: “The Loss and Recovery of Truth"

Chapter 5: Abraham Believed God

Chapter 6: Crucified with Christ

Chapter 7: A New Creation

Chapter 8: The Christian’s Standing, Object and Hope


Short Papers (Volume 2) (#1350). 176 pages, paperback.  $12.95
Chapter 1: "Holiness – God’s Way Better than Man’s"

Chapter 2: "The Vail"

Chapter 3: "Sanctification"

Chapter 4: “Made Meet"

Chapter 5:  "The Guilty by No Means Cleared"

Chapter 6: "Be Perfect"

Chapter 7: "Perfection"

Chapter 8: "Where to Worship"

Chapter 9: "The Seven Sayings by the Well"

Chapter 10: "The Royal Road to Holiness"

Chapter 11: "Prayer"

Chapter 12: "Leaven"

Chapter 13: "Man of God"
Short Papers (Volume 3) (#1843). 102 pages, paperback. $11.95
Chapter 1: The Beginning of the End
Chapter 2: The Second Advent in Relation to the Gentile
Chapter 3: The Second Advent Premillennial
Chapter 4: A Refreshing Study on the Resurrection
Chapter 5: The Pseudos
Chapter 6: The Great Conflict of the Ages
Chapter 7: The Course of Abia
Chapter 8: Jesus Christ Conceived on December 25, Born on September 29
Chapter 9: Why Jesus Christ Was Not Born in December
Short Papers (Volume 4) (#1872). 108 pages, paperback. $10.95
Chapter 1: "The Way of Cain" (1911)

Chapter 2: "The Serpent of Genesis 3" (1909)

Chapter 3: "Thus He Gives to His Beloved While They Sleep" (1898)

Chapter 4: "Mankind’s Greatest Revival" (1902)

Chapter 5:  "Today" (1909)

Chapter 6: "Do We Believe God?" (1903)

Chapter 7: "Bodies of Men or the Body of Christ" (1904)

Chapter 8: "All Difficulties Removed" (1911)

Chapter 9: "Classification of the Psalms" (1909)

Chapter 10: "The Fig, the Olive and the Vine" (1895)

Chapter 11: "“Sheōl” and “Hadēs” – Their Meaning and Usage in the Word of God" (1903)

The Spirits in Prison: An Exposition of I Peter 3:17-4:6 (#1450). There are many interpretations of I Peter 3:17-4:6 and the “The Spirits in Prison,” ranging from purgatory to probation, from preaching before Noah’s Day to preaching after Christ’s death. Bullinger was never a man to shy away from a problem and with his usual thoroughness and attention to detail, with his great knowledge of the original words and their usage, and by considering the context and background; he has produced a solution which will be of interest to all students of the Word. 48 pages, paperback. $6.95
The Transfiguration: Interpretation – Application – Consideration (#3521). What really happen on the “Mount of Transfiguration”? It was one of the most unusual events in a very unique life. What happen to Jesus Christ when His face shone like the sun? Bullinger deals with this event in his usual systematic and thorough manner, considering first the historical interpretation before making spiritual applications. He then looks as practical consideration, bringing other scriptures into the equation. He finishes with a section entitled “Good to be there,” looking forward to the day when Christ shall be manifest in glory and to our being there with Him. 42 pages, paperback. $5.95
















Things to Come: A Journal of Biblical Literature (Volumes). This is an on-going reprinting of Bullinger’s 21 volume Bible study periodical Things to Come. These were originally published from 1894-1915. These volumes are 8 x 11 size. A treasured set for the Bible student. This set has extensive writings from the pen of E. W. Bullinger, and other contributors include:

Sir Robert Anderson; W. H. Bacon; E. J. Baldwin; Horatius Bonar; H. C. Bowker; William Tucker Broad; William G. Carr; George Chamberlain; Elder Cumming; S. D. C. Douglas; A. R. Fairfield; Canon Fausset; H. W. Fry; Thomas George; Fuller Gooch; A. J. Gordon; I. M. Haldeman; A. B. Hutchinson; A. E. Knoch; Louis Liesching; F. E. Marsh; James E. Mathifson; Philip Mauro; Thomas More; Thomas Neatby; F. Newth; Ivan Panin; D. M. Panton; G. H. Pember; Adolph Saphir; W. Graham Scroggie; John Sloan; James Christopher Smith; Col. G. T. Van Someren; C. H. Spurgeon; D. M. Stearns; Alexander Steuart; Col. E. H. Thomas; W. H. Griffith Thomas; W. Hayes Topping; George F. Trench; A. F. Watson; Thomas Waugh; and Charles Welch

21 volumes now available Paperback $19.95 per volume.
Choose from volumes: 1-10
Choose from volumes: 11-20
Volume: 21 or Master Index
ORDER THE COMPLETE 21 VOLUME SET * $290 (a $149 savings)


Vision of Isaiah, The : Its Structure and Scope (#1263). 69pages, paperback. $9.95

Witness of the Stars, The (#4570). An in-depth study of the constellations and principle stars as they pertain to prophetic truth. More than forty charts and diagrams are included. 304 pages, facsimile paperback. $19.95
Word Studies on the Holy Spirit (#3574). (Foreword by Warren W. Wiersbe) Each of the 385 occurrences of pneuma (“spirit”) in the N.T. is examined. 232 pages, paperback. $18.95



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